A bungalow concept

Based on the recent houseplan and scrapbooking project, a bungalow variant. It's all on one floor, has one bedroom and a small guest/child room. Only 2 reception rooms instead of the 3rd gaming room, and no integrated garage or shed.   So obviously, this house comes with the idea of having no children or only … Continue reading A bungalow concept

Our allies

Our allies, the Kurds, are in a bad spot right now, having been left to die against the Turkish by America's bizarre president. I hope Israel will do something but I'm not sure what we can do. Israel can't even mention the Armenian genocide without risking war with Turkey. A physical intervention would not go … Continue reading Our allies

Just doing a thing

There's been a thing on the social medias recently where people put images of four favourite things in a category (usually games/ films). I decided to put mine together in Photoshop Elements purely because I don't have much else to do as I'm a bit ill at the moment. That's it really.