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A small DIY I’ve been meaning to post

So when we moved into our house, we bought this shower rack for our ensuite. I like it a lot. But, I get annoyed at having to clean it when bottles react with it and cause stains. It’s a common bathroom problem but it irritates me. I go through a lot of Viakal.

So I had the idea to put some sort of matting in the trays to reduce the frequency of cleaning, and also just make everything look nicer. I got some nice patterned drawer liners, and did the following:

First I made a terrible template with paper and pen.

I cut out the template and used it to mark the back of the matting. Note the cutout for the drainage holes on the shelves.

I was untidy about it but it still kind of worked.

Cut out.

Flattening. I also did a coat of clear nail varnish around the edges just in case water getting in would cause problems.

It’s been working out very nicely so far, can of shaving gel hasn’t been rusting against it, it doesn’t stay waterlogged, and if water is getting inside the mat layers it hasn’t caused any problems.

Here are some of the things on our bathroom shelves:

Castor oil shampoo
Psoriasis shampoo
Coconut co-wash
SA cleanser
Face scrubber
Razor stand
Razor handle
Razor heads
The glitter purple rubber duck I bought in person, I think from a Wilko around Halloween, but here is a similar one

Some recent YouTube:

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