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Putting my Twitch panels here to save space on my profile!

Hi, I’m PurpleKorat89 LettiScreams! I am nostalgic for the games of the 1990s and early 2000s. Horror is life (although I tend to be full of regret when actually playing), and I have a not-so-secret love of ranching/ farming simulators as well.

Games I enjoy include:

Illbleed, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, Soul Reaver, Nightmare Creatures, Blue Stinger, Tenchu, Abe’s Oddysee, Silent Hill, Future Cop: LAPD, Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, The Sims, Phasmophobia, Devour

On my stream we get spooped, spooked, and have a laugh.

My gameplay style is semi-serious; I usually play things how they are meant to be played, but I laugh about things, I’m not stoic all the time, and sometimes I do have fun with glitches or do challenges.

I say “y’all” unironically, I just really like it.

Exophase for Steam (doesn’t include gamplay launched outside Steam e.g. bonus classic Tomb Raider levels).
Exophase for PSN (doesn’t show classic games downloaded from store).

For business enquiries please contact my agent: office@visablepeople.com

Games/series I have played and/or streamed include, but are not limited to:

Abe’s Oddysee, Blue Stinger, Chased by Darkness, Cities: Skylines, Dead by DaylightDevour, Dino Crisis, Forewarned, Future Cop: LAPD, Garden Paws, Ghost Exile, Ghost Exorcism Inc, Ghost Watchers, Handy Harry’s Haunted House Services, Holy Purge, House Flipper, Illbleed, Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, Jurassic World Evolution, Left 4 Dead, Lunch LadyMalum, Nightmare Creatures, ObsideoOccultPacifyPhasmophobiaPlanet Zoo, Project Zero/Fatal Frame, Ranch SimRemnant Records, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Slime Rancher, Soul Reaver, Stardew Valley, Tabletop Simulator, Tenchu: Stealth Assassins, The Mortuary Assistant, The Sims, Tomb RaiderViscera Cleanup Detail.

Steam | PSN (sort by “Earned Awards” for achievements/trophies)

Here are some of the friends I sometimes play games with on stream!

  • Vix of OpenHeartZoo, my destiny-bestie, usually the voice of reason, although since we share a brain cell, that doesn’t say much.
  • Garb17ch, Lord of the Trash who thinks any two lights could be her eyeballs staring back at her, also shuts doors in front of us in a chase.
  • CaptainCaramel, who sacrifices himself for the team, is the Master of the Spiritbox, and a frequent ghost.
  • Octara of Spellbinding Games, an expert locater of wardrobes and hiding places, a janitor-murderer, and a spider-monster-lady enthusiast. We went to uni together a long time ago and she got into streaming (and horror) after I roped her into some games of Phasmo.
  • WRMorris, my long-suffering husband.

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Type !clip to take a Twitch clip of what just happened! (not ideal if on mobile/delayed)

  • Be excellent to each other
  • No politics/wars/controversies
  • No asking to play (unless you’re in our gaming group and want to jump in)
  • No spamming/telling me I need your services
  • English language only for ease of the majority of the community
  • Don’t be too serious here. We usually play games how they are meant to be played, but we also like to have a laugh.

☞ I may miss your message due to the game being 2spooky, technical issues, or just me being obtuse. I’m not ignoring you and I don’t bite, I just have trouble focusing and finishing thoughts. Apologies in advance.

Fanhouse has been replaced by a site called Passes. You can sign up there to support me, and can view many of the posts that were on Fanhouse as they were imported. I will sometimes post behind-the-scenes and personal content here.

This is the social network I use for public updates, aside from Discord.
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Ways to support me:

The best thing you can do is show up live to streams when you can.

What’s a Korat: A very beautiful breed of cat, one of my favourites.
Height: 4’11”
Real name: My real-life nickname is Letti and that’s what most people call me.
Where are you from: Hampshire in England.
Age: I was born in 1989.
Accent: I’m from the South of England where it’s somewhere between RP, West Country, and Estuary. I’ve also picked up some pronunciations from my Canadian friend.

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Where did you get your:
Logo & Banner, Starting/BRB/Ending/Offline screens: I no longer feel comfortable recommending the artist (became aware of some racism, that didn’t involve me, but I still don’t want to touch it with a bargepole), but it was a custom commission that I paid for fully.
Ouija board alertNerd or Die!
Goat skull sub badgesFruif
Phasmo-inspired sub badgesDesignsByKage
Camera/just chatting/ Big Vision Face overlay: Made on Canva
Chatbox code (main): Coded by my husband in CSS
Chatbox background: from Halloween pack by TrauchmahrDesign
Sideways chatbox codeEtsy
Anything not covered, just ask!

I grew up in Hampshire in a working class family. I was born with a connective tissue disorder which got worse with age and because of this I am a wheelchair user. I have also been suffering with Cushing’s Disease, and am deaf 🦻 on a moderate-severe level, meaning I miss many daily background noises, and as a result I can struggle to hear sounds in games too.

I am broadly Eurasian, and Breton, French, and Japanese language and culture were important parts of my childhood. I grew up Pagan with a strong Celtic identity, but I am also a Mizrahi Jew and this is where my focus lies in adulthood, and I think I will always have a bit of a mixed outlook.

I always enjoyed games as a kid, with a particular fondness for the original PlayStation and Dreamcast. I always liked having friends come over to watch and interact as I was playing, so I think streaming was a natural evolution for me. I wasn’t really a PC gamer until the pandemic in 2020, when I started streaming so that I could still talk to friends while going through my usual summer Tomb Raider phase. Everything grew from there.

See FAQ for pet info.

Tech goals:

  • Getting a better headset (Logitech G335 and probably eventually a G733) ✓
  • Getting my own PC
  • Perhaps getting a separate microphone for multiplayer games to avoid echoes as I need to have my headset volume quite loud
  • Having a camera feed of vivariums/ chicken coop I can cut to or show on BRB screen

General life:

  • Buying a house asap
  • Getting a Korat and a Cardigan Corgi after we’ve finally had a honeymoon. Also getting Giant Land Snail(s) again in due time and eventually, chickens!


  • My main goal in life is to be an actress and get small roles; I already have an agent for this but the pandemic has stalled most opportunities, especially for disabled people.
  • I would love to get my own screenplay made into a film one day, but this requires a lot of money. Long story short, it’s a goth rom-com 😂
  • I would love to produce movies in general if I get that far.
  • I would love to make a general living from Twitch that was manageable alongside my health constraints.

In general, I want to be happy. I don’t need big success and I don’t expect a miracle cure for my health but in an ideal world I’d make a couple of low budget movies, get a few bit-parts every now and then, find an outlet for my noise in an internet band, bring in my own money by Twitch streaming a few times a week, and live out my life taking care of my husband, family, and animals.

Type these into the stream chat to do the following:
!rules – brings up the chat rules
!game – shows the current game (although I may have gone onto other games without changing stream)
!title – brings up the current stream title
!clip – take a Twitch clip (not ideal if on mobile/delayed)
!socials – shows my other links
!commands – shows a partial list of chatbot commands for my stream chat. I have a couple of bots that do different things.

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General stuff about house/pets/life/upcoming gaming.

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If you are feeling generous you may wish to purchase me something streaming-related from my personal wishlist; this is absolutely not required of anybody.
Gifts are never expected from anyone, but do let me know on Discord if you send something, as things often arrive without info slips! [Wishlist currently hidden due to boundary issues]

I am not affiliated with this charity and donations do not go through me. They install civilian bomb shelters.

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