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Stardew Valley

(Note: I use the auto-generated animal names)
Scroll down for details, professions, mods, etc.

Main save:

Spring Year 5
Summer Year 5

Spring, Year 8:

House, daytime
House, night time
Slime hutch
Shed 1
Shed 2
Ginger Island

Character name: Letti
Farm name: Bum Farm
Pet (German Shepherd dog model): Wumbus
Horse: Grover
Coop Animals:
Brown chickens: Sitso, Furt
White chicken: Junello
Ducks: Fakabell, Lomi
Rabbits: Lini, Snenu
Dinosaur: Trony
Blue Chickens: Rasers, Jutcha
Void Chickens: Brubba, Zeckardo
Barn Animals:
Brown Cow: Snepi
White Cowa: Wernard, Brelnita
Goats: Reki, Trover, Puma
Pig: Neffe
Sheep: Zuse
Ostriches: Nitizor, Kicky, Bumby, Jalbert

Farming: Rancher, Shepherd
Mining: Geologist, Gemologist
Foraging: Gatherer, Tracker
Fishing: Fisher, Angler
Combat: Fighter, Defender

Joja-achievement save:

Summer Year 1
Summer Year 1

Character name: JojaLetti
Farm name: Joja Farm
Pet (grey cat): Miso
Horse: Morto
Coop Animals:
Brown chicken: Chomona
White chicken: Wertello

Mods used on my current computer:

I got these mods at various stages of my saves and use them varying amounts.

Chat Commands – used by other mods to gain access to functions
Content Patcher – used by other mods to do things
Craftable Auto-Petter – adds a crafting blueprint for the Auto-Petter that is normally only available if you choose JojaMart over the Community Centre
Custom Crystalarium Mod – lets you replicate normally-disallowed items in crystalariums. For example, my data code looks like this:

“74”: 20,
“446”: 20,
“767”: 20,
“885”: 20,
“909”: 20,
“349”: 20

This allows me to replicate Prismatic Shards, Rabbits’ Feet, Batwings, Fibre Seeds, Radioactive Ore, and Energy Tonic. Yes, I am very lazy.
Easy Fishing for SMAPI – allows you to somewhat slow down the fish so you aren’t brutalising your hand tissues if playing with a mouse!
Expanded Preconditions Utility – used by other mods to do stuff
Generic Mod Config Menu – used by other mods to do stuff
Instant Buildings – lets you build and upgrade things from the farm instead of having to wait for Robin!
Mail Framework Mod – used by other mods to do stuff
NPC Map Locations – I love this one so much, it lets you see where everyone is on the map, to save hours of running around
Remote Fridge Storage – allows you to select chests to pull ingredients from when cooking, if your fridge is full!
Skull Cavern Elevator – works like the normal mine elevator to let you get back down to floors you have already been to, instead of starting from floor 1 every time.
SMAPI – required for loading all other mods
Upgrade Empty Cabins – lets you upgrade uninhabited cabins on your farm that you are using for storage/equipment.

Historical save:

Played on my husband’s Steam account in 2016, unlikely to be updated.

Character name: Wiletti
Farm name: Dew Claw Farm
Pet (dog): Naboo
Horse: Fartu

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