A plot plan

I know what you're thinking. "Letti, why are you still on this?" or at least "Why are you designing an arrangement for a plot of land when you haven't even bought one?" and you would certainly have a point. But apparently I've gone a bit mad, so I've gone and done it anyway. The house … Continue reading A plot plan


I’ve done it again

  Even though I know I don't prefer the alternatives to our house plan, I keep making them anyway. Here's another bungalow experiment because I've gone mad.   Again, I don't prefer it to our 2-storey plan, but if we were sold on single-storey living by then, I guess this layout makes slightly more sense … Continue reading I’ve done it again

Nonsense for people who like house plans

Here I am doing house stuff again. It's the usual plan. But I started redrawing it a while ago, to have thinner internal walls and to try and do proper bay windows. Put lights in this time, some of which actually appeared in the exports, and managed to use our actual exact colours by entering … Continue reading Nonsense for people who like house plans

I’m not very good at blogging

It must have been nearly a month since I did this, perhaps because I've spent more time either doing house things or fruitlessly trying to gain energy via napping. This past week I had a triple-whammy of pain in the form of a 10/10 migraine complete with vomiting and diarrhoea, a period, and an alarmingly … Continue reading I’m not very good at blogging

It’s the 2nd-most wonderful time of the year

I am a week late writing this up but I am once again going to talk about the joy of the Eurovision Song Contest. There's also some photos and rambling about other stuff. Kadek hosted Eurovision as usual, and I met a dog! Her housemates have a puppy now. She's a mix of a dachshund … Continue reading It’s the 2nd-most wonderful time of the year

Head needles

So far I'm having another quaint weekend. Getting excited for the Eurovision Song Contest. Hoping to improve our lawn health in time for our barbecue. Hoping the mining bees go away before I have to sit on that grass.   I had another appointment in Winchester and Will's boss very kindly drove us again. This … Continue reading Head needles