My husband, the werewolf

My dog was supposed to go in for a procedure the other day, but Will accidentally gave her breakfast, bless him. She wasn't supposed to eat after midnight, so the whole thing has been postponed. Not much else happening. Streaming this afternoon (Sunday) but we don't get a new Devour map for another week. When … Continue reading My husband, the werewolf

If you don’t like The Sims this will bore you

I'm trying not to get back into the trap of all my blog posts being about my Sims sessions (because I post such riveting content otherwise?!), but I'm afraid I do have some Sims pictures today. I just go through phases where I see life through a very Sims lens and I can't get enough … Continue reading If you don’t like The Sims this will bore you


I try not to talk as much about things that bother me because I'd be doing it all the time if I let myself get started. But I do have to talk about this. The continent, land, flora, fauna, people, of Asia have my entire heart. Always have, always will. Asia is part of me … Continue reading Ok