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Skeletons and skincare

As always it’s been a while since I last posted on here. Still a lot of monotonous waiting for treatment. But, we actually did some stuff recently, so here it is. Not only did I manage to see Jurassic World: Dominion in the cinema with my husband (and fall in love with an ugly Lystrosaurus), but we also went to an Iron Age museum!

I’ve always been a proud Celt, but being mixed-race makes that a pain in the ass because there’s a lot to remember to be proud of. Our Brittonic heritage usually doesn’t get much of a look-in, so it was fun to finally go here, especially as we’d been vaguely intending to for years.

Me with a cauldron.
Gotta admit I’m lost on the goat mermaid.
This 3D model had a really strange perspective depending on where you looked at it from, unfortunately you can’t really tell from a photo!
Shame it’s past tense but it do be like that.
This was unintentionally hilarious.

Unfortunately the cool cow skeleton was upstairs, so my mother-in-law went up to take a picture of that. The building did have a stairlift, but they made it pretty clear they didn’t want Will to carry my wheelchair up so I could use it at the top of the stairs, so, I didn’t get to use it. I always thought cows in the past were massive compared to today’s cows, I remember hearing things about 7ft cows, but, apparently, their skeletons were smaller than that of a modern one.

I’ve been trying to get a grip on my skincare lately. I’ve never really been that into it because I honestly don’t have the energy to stand at the sink faffing, and sometimes I need to get into bed so suddenly that I can’t do a whole routine beforehand. But I’ve really been making an effort and trying to learn. It helps that one of my friends is super into skincare.

I made this image a while ago to keep track of what goes where, when. I might frame a tiny print of it one day for my dressing table lol.

This has actually has a couple of revisions as I’ve learned more about what products I like. I’ve usually received skincare as gifts and not been totally sure what to do with them. I’m still trying and rotating a few different things.
This is the tea tree wash I use in the mornings (or, when I actually get out of bed). I seem to have combination skin with an oily T-zone, and I hate feeling oily so I like to rub this all over my face and feel like it’s stripping all the gunk off. The night-time (or, before getting in bed) cleanser is this one with salicylic acid, which I also use on my arms in the shower to try and combat bumps.

My current toner is a combined cleanser, and I still intend to use that one when removing makeup when I’m not just using supermarket wipes, or just in the shower. Going forward I intend to use this toner, which I haven’t tried at the time of writing, but it’s been on my wishlist for a while (we also use our wishlists as shopping lists/reminders for ourselves and to keep an eye on products), and I have other products from the same brand that I really like, so I expect to like it, lol.

I’m still very new to the “Treat” part of the routine. My sister gave me the retinol as a present a couple of years ago, but I didn’t use it until this year because the condition I’m awaiting treatment for has given me some weird skin pigmentation and symptoms, and I was worried the retinol would correct it too much while it was still being looked at. I feel like it might have evened out a bit of my discolouration, and some brown spots are a bit less prominent.

The “Treat” part of the routine isn’t something you do every day. I was doing the retinol a couple of nights a week while Will and I were watching cartoons before bed, but I got some pretty aggressive nose peeling (which was my own fault for putting too much there, trying to peel off bad skin, lol). I’ve paused retinol entirely while we’re having a heatwave because I hate how oily it feels. Anyway, you’re meant to leave it on for about 20 minutes (Vix may come in and correct me here) and then apply moisturiser, and then eventually, night cream over the top. You need to apply SPF if using retinol as you’re much more susceptible to sun damage. And, for the same reason, only apply retinol itself at night.

For the daytime Treat section I’m using Beta Hydroxy Acid, which is a much nicer formula than the retinol is in my opinion, it’s closer to a gel and easier to smooth on, also feels nice and cool. I tend to be a bit overzealous with it though and again get a lot of peeling.

I’m still trying and alternating a few moisturisers, but my favourite is still unbeaten; plenty of collagen products make dubious anti-ageing claims, they are not going to plump out your wrinkles from the inside if you are just applying it to the skin and not having an injection. However, I love this collagen gel because it’s a nice low-effort moisturiser, it feels very cool on the face, and it’s not even slightly oily.

The day and night cream pictured on my graphic are this one and this one, which are my current favourites as they are much lighter and easier to use than some others I’ve tried.

Another product I’m raving about at the moment is, of all things, a drawer! I got an adhesive one for my laptop desk and it helps to tame all the crap.

Sticking the mount on.

You can get it from here (and the hand cream I’ve got in it is this one, I love the smell and sit there for ages smelling my own hands like an absolute moron).

This is a skeleton in a dress and a hat.

I thankfully had my migraine Botox again last week. It hasn’t fully kicked in yet but I already feel a bit of relief from the constant pressure and headaches. A lot of people get very indignant about Botox on the NHS, but they don’t realise that they don’t inject us in the same places needed for anti-ageing (as should be proven by the lines on my forehead!), in fact most of it goes on our scalps and necks. I would spend too much of my life delirious from pain without it.

A satisfying contact lens restock.
Bed-stealer extraordinaire.
Pickle glaring at me through the window.

It would have been Freya’s 13th birthday this month. It was very painful. I miss her so much and everything reminds me of her. She deserved forever.

Things are tough sometimes but I just have to try to get on with life and wait for treatment.

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