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We finally warmed the house

The biggest news is that I finally met Vix, a.k.a. OpenHeartZoo from my gaming group, in real life! She was in my area for a couple of days and I actually arranged our entire housewarming around it. It was weird not to have her voice delivered through earphones for once! I’m just so glad we finally met and that janky ghost games brought her into my life. I would cite a hilarious occasion but honestly, there are too many. I hope to make another end-of-year compilation though and there will probably be a few in there.

All hail Vix, the other half of The Braincellβ„’. And yes, we are both looking at our own phone cameras here like absolute geniuses.

Other big news is, I finally have my own desktop PC! It took a lot of saving, and they no longer had the original case I had in mind. I talked about that a bit here, that link won’t work for long but maybe I’ll include it in a video I get around to at some point.

You can see the specs here if you’re into/ even slightly understand that sort of thing lol.

My shelving unit is in definite danger of being overcrowded. It’s in the travel & helpful people section of the house bagua so I’ve tried to incorporate a lot, as well as just having nice things next to my desk.

I originally intended to get a particular floor desk and gaming chair from Japan, but money is tight, so I wound up using a coffee table someone had given us a few years ago, and a simple floor chair from Amazon. It’s a shame it doesn’t have wheels, but those are hard to find. I cannot explain why I am so fucking comfortable sitting so low in the room.

Weather has certainly been rough lately! Our area is apparently in the path of a possible hurricane, although I think Jersey has been getting it much worse than us on the mainland. Having said that though, I just looked over and can see that our buddleia has fallen over in the wind πŸ˜…. (I try not to use too many emojis on here because they get turned into random question marks whenever there’s a WordPress update, but sometimes you gotta.)

Mostly around here we’ve just been getting endless rain. And it’s awkward, because our house was built in a flood zone. We do have some sort of flood-defence stream outside our house (not sure of the proper word for it) that gives excess water somewhere to go, it has never been as high before as it is now, nor as opaque, but the ducks seem happy about it at least. We’ve had all sorts of wildlife outside, deer, frogs (we counted 28 in our back garden!), probable foxes, bats flying low. We are incredibly lucky.

Oop. I dunno what that random tube in the water is.

I’m trying to get back into Planet Zoo, especially as I now have a computer that can handle it. I associate it a lot with when Freya was dying, but I do miss it. I forgot how frustrating the guests could be though. LITERALLY OBTUSE.

Some music stuff.

Got the ’23 Phasmo Halloween trophy! It was fun but I missed hunting for pumpkins in the houses.

Doing a lot of Forewarned at the moment as well, pets are a recent addition, I did have a representation of Freya, but it made me kinda sad, so now I have Corgi from the future, Naboo!

As much as I love Halloween events in games, I did not enjoy giant megalophobia pumpkin.

I’ve been trying to tidy up my web presence a bit, and have a bit more tzniut about my personal life. I’ve been quite an oversharer for a lot of reasons. So I’ve password-protected some past posts about things like mental health, gross illness symptoms, things that are too painful or personal and that I never should’ve opened-up about online. I am, however, happy to give passwords to close friends who really want to nose (I get it because I’m nosy af). I just don’t think I should be spraying all that stuff out there so publicly when I’m just trying to have a happy life. I’ve got mixed feelings about recent posts about grief, but I also don’t want to hide Freya and Joop away. Maybe before long I’ll cringe and protect those too, who knows.

Best cable holder.
Phasmo voodoo (a.k.a. Henry) and Mortuary Assistant mimic (a.k.a. Jeff).
And, music from previous month.
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