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Updates from Henford-on-Bagley

My cat liked to wander off sometimes but I thought this was normal. Suddenly, she had two kittens, and I found out I had to spay pets in The Sims. I went with the auto-generated names, so they are Bubblegum and Archimedes Benoit. Not sure if the fathering cat’s surname is Benoit or if that’s just random. I have seen an ugly cat around town with a similar coat who might be responsible, lol.

I never fail to be surprised by how bizarre people in The Sims are. People were just coming to the house and yelling at two kittens they had never met. It’s kind of typical how I removed the “cat hangout” lot trait because there were always so many random cats everywhere, and then the game was like, ok, now you just have two more family cats.

I accidentally fell asleep during the game recently (my floor chair is comfortable enough to do that I guess, because it’s happened a LOT lately), and when I jerked awake I had failed my paranormal investigation. Apparently I didn’t save the game though, because I then got to go on the same mission again and, not fail it lol.

There’s still a stream of The Sims I need to get up to YouTube at some point. Not least because Will had an affair with a ghost in it lmao.

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