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Sims, teeth, and Bob

I started playing The Sims again so of course I have many screenshots. I also FINALLY got my wisdom tooth removed and there are some gross pictures about that at the bottom. I can’t get galleries to not be invisible in the actual post on WordPress so I’m afraid these have to be single-file images. Bunch of stuff not working lately.

I tried recreating our house; it was difficult because objects in The Sims require a certain amount of space around them, so the rooms all ended up bigger than they are in real life, it just do be like that.

Stray cats in top hats
Tried to recreate our house
A time I was on fire
Look at all those chickens
Swan problems
Bonehilda returns
Fire-spraying bar seems dangerous
Bonehilda loves to scrub this grill nobody has used
Will loves making drinks now
A very true-to-life image. My sim wears a sleeping cap much more than I do though
Will found a frog
Dog somehow on lead in the river
Watched another dog’s appointment for some reason
Rabbit doing gardening
Laser litter tray

And because I am a sane person, I simultaneously did the same thing in The Sims 3, which is still honestly the best Sims. I hope 5 will be the perfect combination of 3 and 4, but who knows.

Also, if anyone knows how to replace flag textures in The Sims, please help. I’ve been using this mod for years to replace the plumbob flags with country flags, but I’d love to be able to add my personal flag. I did get some software which is meant to help retexture things in The Sims, but I couldn’t figure it out at all, pls help lol.

I finally, about 5 years after everybody else, played the remake of Resident Evil 2. It will end up on YouTube eventually as part of my Resident Evil series, I’m quite behind on VODs right now. I’m hoping I will have a big boost of brain when I have my migraine injections again.

Gross image below!

White stuff on the left is stitches in my cheek. White thing on the bottom right is another tooth. Dark part is big hole where my wisdom tooth was. I used my eardrum camera to see this so it thinks any large red area is the eardrum.

One side of the tooth was black from where it was impossible to clean it, because it was going into my cheek.

Excited to stream the remastered Tomb Raider on Wednesday! And probs more REmake 2 on Sunday.

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