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Main Raft:

Signpost mod.
Multiplayer bedrooms.
Dog kennels from Furniture Mod.
Hot tub from Furniture Mod.
Fishing nets mod (really should have been a base-game feature in my opinion)
Farting toilet from Furniture Mod.
Outdoor seating area replacing hot tub after removing Furniture Mod.
Raft with water removed.

Minimal Raft:

Without water.


I encountered the Raft mod loader when very late into my main game but have discovered some things I can’t live without!

Mod loader
Item Spawner – Press F8 to use
BetterFPS – At the time of writing I’m still playing on a laptop, so being able to remove the water (which is sometimes spookier than having the sea), and enable poopmode can be really helpful. Disabling raft collision is helpful for not getting caught on islands, but it can sometimes cause trouble if you spawn in an island as it might put you underneath it!
Craft From All Storage – I love this because I am honestly too tired to run around to different storage crates
Player Compass – This is also a favourite, it’s easier to figure out which direction I left the raft in without having to carry the compass from the trading post in my hand. It can also show you which direction your friends are in and how far away they are
Craft Dev Items – I ended up just spawning the OP Weapon in with the Item Spawner, but this can make it craftable
Arashi’s Fishing Expansion – Adds the fishing nets. They can’t be painted or fortified but Bruce seems to ignore them
ModUtils – Allows other mods to work
Extra Settings API – Allows other mods to work

Mods I removed:

Furniture Mod – I wanted to try the farting toilet, and the dog kennels because my dog died and I like to place little markers for her in games, and a friend who sometimes joins Raft also has a dog. But the furniture only really looked good while playing on poopmode, and the mod started giving me a lot of trouble like not letting me connect to my own game even though I was the host and I was playing alone, etc. I had to successfully get onto my raft and remove all the items from the mod before I could safely remove it from Raft’s mod folder.

Mods I might try out:

More Bananas
Strong Diver

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