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My tattoo for Joop

I’ve had this tattoo for more than a month, I was waiting to take a healed picture, but I still haven’t healed all of the surface yet, so I may as well get on with mentioning it. Joop has been gone for 2 years now, and now that we own our house, I finally got my act together and got a tattoo for him. His shell is depicted more like the planet Jupiter (which he is named after), and is body is like the galaxy. The overall shape is based on the photo of him that’s in the memorial box holding his shell. It’s perfect. I miss him a lot.

The initial pad I had to leave on overnight.

Once again I was shockingly OK with being tattooed. I’m an easily-nauseated injury-phobe but tattooing just doesn’t really register as a problem for my body. It’s scratchy, the whole cat-scratching-a-sunburn feeling, but I can lie down and zone out and it’s honestly fine. Would do again. I intend to get the rest of my planned ones done sooner rather than later with savings, although we also still need to go on our honeymoon, do a lot of stuff to the garden, and we can also finally now paint our walls.

Ink imprint on the pad.

The next day, after I took the pad off, I had to put some of that clear tattoo stuff on it. I was actually excited to try it after hearing about it for years. I ended up taking it off early because I seemed to be having a mild reaction to it.

I was hoping I’d be all healed on the surface after 2 weeks, but alas, I think I scratched it too much and also may have tried to hasten the peeling of some areas a bit. A month on I still have some cloudy areas of skin that need to hurry up and come off. It can take 6 months for a tattoo to heal all the way down, so I’m not too worried. It’s my first time healing a coloured tattoo and I think I just couldn’t resist picking at it lol.

It’s otherwise doing fine, I’m alternating putting my gel moisturiser and the tattoo Bepanthen on it.

Bonus pic of tidy dressing table.
I cleaned and sorted my earrings. I’m just missing my Ankh ones that I have no idea where I’ve put. I keep my titanium bars and CBRs in that old O’Keefe’s Working Hands tub.

As always, here’s some recent YouTube.

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