Nothing has really happened since the weekend but I finally gave Joop his new pool. It's just a plant pot saucer from The Range on Friday (it might have been about 59p but I can't remember exactly), but it's huge so should definitely accommodate his adult body. Although I've said that about a few things … Continue reading Pool


Hey it's ya girl Letti. Apparently people still look up my website even if I don't post on it or share it anywhere, so I feel like I should write something on here. I feel like posting normal blogs betrays the way I actually feel about how life is going. I still feel weird, like … Continue reading Repression


I know where my kidneys and my liver are because I can feel them stinging. I had bloods taken for a liver function panel recently but I don't know the results yet. I was poked so much when I was in the hospital that I was able to sit up when getting blood drawn and … Continue reading Pain