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Trying CC in The Sims

Its’ me again, back with more Sims stuff. I’m having hideous muscle weakness problems at the moment so genuinely not doing anything other than sleeping through almost every day, and being awake in the night only because I literally can’t sleep anymore. I don’t have a lot of brain to spare so The Sims is quite perfect at the moment.

I decided to try out some CC, or custom content, for The Sims 3. Mainly in search of a couple of cool things I had last time I played. I’ll add links at the bottom of this post.

I want to get some awesome stuff from the Sims Store, but you need to get “simpoints” for that. Annoyingly, you get the points through Origin. I didn’t install Origin this time as I was able to get the game on Steam, a generally less-irritating platform. You can get points by registering the key from your Sims game onto the Sims Store website. BUT, the key doesn’t show up on Steam as it should. I’m waiting for a response from Steam, but word on the forums is that EA/Origin block access to the keys and you have to ask Steam individually for them.

I mean, what is the fucking point in that. Why make it so hard to use your own product? I remember being so frustrated with Origin when playing SimCity years ago and getting kicked back to the main menu if our internet connection went down, even though the game was installed on the computer. I don’t understand why a company as a whole is so fucking paranoid that somebody might steal something from them that they need to constantly monitor players through their internet connection. So paranoid to the point of hiding the key to a game I ALREADY OWN so that I have to jump through hoops to get more content FROM YOU!

I did download some free stuff so far but I need to be able to register my game to get points for other stuff, namely a chicken coop!

This is nice when you don’t want to build an entire barn around a horse stall.
I finally remembered bydebug and added some more cool shit.
That’s quite a wish to have.
I uncontrollably laughed out loud at taking a photo of the horse’s ass and putting it on the wall. Haven’t figured out taking a nice family picture yet though.
Inviting myself into nice houses and questioning people.
Of course I did this.
Widened the stairs.
A utopia. 
This horse box is an old favourite of mine, I assumed it was an official one and was surprised when it wasn’t in the horse menu at first.
A weird arm moment.
The dog is always shaking off pool water everywhere.
Cat watching TV.
Marrying a horse?
Ended up putting the foosball table outside so we could fit more animals!
Putting those important Jack O’ Lanterns everywhere.
And replaced an uplighter in the lounge with this pumpkin lamp!
I love the bath duck.
I made a house based on Ridgeview from Phasmophobia. It’s not very good but I tried!
And I tried making all the Phasmophobia character models with the best available clothes. I just gave them the names that I think their models look like (as mentioned here). I won’t do much with the household until I get an expansion that will let them have the ghost hunter career (I thought it was Supernatural but it might actually be Ambitions). I just got them all random jobs so far and left them to themselves.
When I got back to my own household, I was confused to spot a second horse icon; the family literally went and got a horse behind my back while I was gone for a couple of hours! That’s some autonomy. My Sim did keep wanting to take in a wild horse, and since the horse’s name is just “Fru Fru Horse” without a family name I’m guessing we didn’t just buy it from someone.
The dog rolling in the puddle from a broken sink.
Cat in the flowers.

So that’s quite a lot going on in a short space of time!

CC list:

Self-cleaning horse box
Horse shed
Flag replacer
Halloween Treats
Happy Holiday Presents
More Halloween Treats
Happy Halloween: Gory Goodies
Year of the Dragon set

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