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A Sims house quandary

This post is literally just about The Sims. Not even current Sims, but The Sims 3, a game I refuse to move on from because it has horses and controllable pets.
And this is anticlimactic, but, I already know I’m going to change this house.

When I had some brain power at a ridiculous hour of the night, I decided I was going to start playing The Sims again when my laptop was sorted out. It surprisingly only uses about 2GB of RAM so my struggling 4GB should actually not have too much trouble.

Like all sane people, I then went onto Floorplanner to design the outlandish Sims house I was going to make. Here’s what I came up with.

On reflection I don’t really know why I put extra bedrooms in.
You may notice the inspiration take from mine and Will’s actual desk.
There was a model of a sheep available, so I put it in the hall.
  And an elephant too.
And I put in a massive utility room before remembering that there isn’t laundry in The Sims. I did remember it from the last time I was playing it, but it must’ve been in a pack Will got me, because I don’t have any of the right appliances.

And here’s how it all turned out in-game (whoops, I decided to just get The Sims again straight away and hope for the best).

The house exterior. Ended up having to swap which side the garage door was on.

I don’t remember taking this screenshot but here it is anyway.
I can’t find the family thumbnail in the game folders so this is the best I can get.
Riding a horse in swimwear in the middle of the night because I can.
A hideous bed for my child.
Something inevitably caught fire.
An error.
Even on low graphics this isn’t a terrible view.
This is probably how I would decorate a kitchen wall.
A very Letti living room.
The perfect statue.
The only one who ever really gets in this massive pool is the dog!


Now that the Sims are actually using the house I’ve realised how unwieldy it is. And so much of it is just hallway! So I will definitely be changing it somehow.

I also forgot about the general lack of available curly hair in The Sims!

So in summary after 3 years of not having the saves on Will’s old PC available, I have finally caved and started playing The Sims again. It’s the time of year where I get really into city-building and whatnot as well.

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