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Just a thing that pleased me

This is probably not a very exciting story but I just wanted to have a mini rave about, of all things, a sleeping cap.

As I’m sure everyone knows by now, I have naturally curly hair and have been fighting to re-curly it after years of chemical straightening. I’m at the point where I get really good curls after washing my hair, and I no longer need rods to keep the bottom half of my hair looking the same as my roots.

However, even putting it up into a pineapple at night means that I significantly flatten it by the next day. And then I kind of feel like I have no choice but to go around with my hair in a bun since the texture has gone so horrible.

I do have an existing sleep cap but it’s not very breathable and was better for protecting my head when I’ve wrapped it in a particular way.

This has already been a longer post than I expected. Basically, I found a sleep cap that is basically a thick net. Getting hair of my length into it is a bit difficult, but I love it because it’s comfortable and breathable. I can scratch an itch on my scalp if I need to. And I still have pretty decent texture the next day.

I’m sure it’s not especially romantic to sleep next to someone wearing this, but on the other hand they won’t look like they’ve fallen through a hedge in the morning.

Nothing is as good as wash-day hair, but it gives me longer before I just resort to tying my hair up or brushing it out straighter. Another bonus is that it wasn’t predicted to arrive for ages, but actually turned up pretty quickly.

Also just wanted to mention the clip-on drink holder I got for my desk again. We’ve had a few over the years and they usually don’t fit both cans and glasses but this one actually does.

I think I mentioned Phasmophobia in the last post; hoping to have another game at the weekend if there’s time and enough people free. I can’t imagine going back to only two players after having such a scary time when there were 3 of us!

I did take myself through the training level the other day, which had a “non-violent ghost” but it was still pretty spooky that it turned lights off and was moving the book around all over the floor (even though it didn’t write in it).

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