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Paint and sunburn

I finally upcycled some furniture! This wooden shelf has been our shoe rack for a while and we decided to sand it and paint it a nice shade of green, with a bit of blue.



Had to break some pots to re-pot some bamboo. They were very rooty.
I got some mildly hideous sunburn.
Covering up is hot and I cannot for the life of me keep the dog hair off my sunhat.
Tall house.

The gazebo was only up for about 5 days before we had a weird wind storm. Apparently there was rain with it down in Soton, but at our end we just had mad wind.

Bertie berting.



When I’ve got money I might get Bertie a little Flexi lead so it’s easier for him to explore without getting tangled in stuff. In my professional opinion as a dog trainer you should absolutely not get a Flexi for a dog with few exceptions. There are plenty of images on Google of people’s fingers hanging on by a thread after they tried grabbing the lead. There are some very specific situations that might call for one but in general, please do not walk a dog on one of these, get a Grippy.

However, for letting a cat explore a garden while the person holding the lead is sitting and the cat will absolutely not be capable of dragging them anywhere, it should be fine.


Been working on the Hobbii “everyday purse” pattern for a while.
This yarn is quite difficult to use even though it’s beautiful.
Getting my yearly summer Tomb Raider fix. Obviously there are people who can’t be here to do all-night drunk marathons with me. But I gotta do it anyway.
Gotta get those relics and unlock those costumes.


One of my favourite rooms in Anniversary, c’est beau.
I love these ceilings. I need to see a real one in my lifetime but it’s gonna be a real pain in the ass carting my chair around a tomb.
Tomb Raider is definitely responsible for my itch to see the entire world.
A way of playing board games online.
Gimme all that Halloween shit.

It was nice hearing people’s voices again although I can’t figure out getting Discord to work properly. I’ve somehow become a real technophobe after hitting 30. I think I’ll have to get a proper desktop PC for games one day, even just for small things like Tabletop Simulator, because it’s all a bit intense for my laptop. I love my laptop for daily browsing and documents, but I just can’t get to grips with games on it.

Hopefully we’ll have some sort of reunion party at some point once this virus has fucked off because I miss people and I miss laughing at their mad shit. I’m prepared to bury the hatchet with everyone I’ve ever met because I despise the way this virus has separated people.

I watched the replacement Eurovision show with Kadek over Google Hangouts and I just miss her so fucking much, even seeing her on a screen and us both drinking at our own ends just was not the same at all. Fucking pathogens killing people and fucking shit up.


It’s obviously gonna be just the household for the BBQ around Freya’s birthday (and she’s gonna be 11!) and it’ll be questionable if anything can happen for Will’s 30th, or even my 31st all the way in November, nobody seems to be handling this thing properly and I just don’t know how we’re going to get the disease out of circulation if people are already back packing themselves in like sardines on the beach.


All I know is people had better get me the most drunk I’ve ever been in my life when we all meet again, I’m gonna drink my body weight in spirits.


Joop jooping.
Dunking his head all the way in the pool.
Money is stress.
A chocolate T-Rex head.
Dogs are beautiful.
Super confident local cat happy to sleep in our front yard and blink at us. Also sits on the windowsill unperturbed by Bertie’s yowling.
And I swear we have that same garden table.

And some household memes, and intense wind:


This is the absolute shit right now.

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