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I got woodlice

I went and did a thing that I didn’t initially expect to do. I bought woodlice for Joop’s tank. I can already hear people wondering how mad I’ve gone, but there is a reason for it. They work as so-called “vivarium custodians” and wander around eating old food, poo, and generally keeping the soil in good condition. I got some tropical giant orange ones!


I was nervous about putting them in the tank with Joop, it doesn’t take much to hurt or kill a snail, but I looked into it a lot before getting them and so far it’s been fine, they seem to completely ignore each other! They don’t like being active unless it’s completely dark though, which is a problem if I’m up in the night and of course have a light of some kind on. Even putting just a dim lamp on seems to make them freeze completely in place.

Also got them some woodlice snacks.


Here’s some more Joop spam.

He’s so beautiful.
And weird.



In other news, I finally got a Grippy Lead! Wasn’t originally going to get one until I got my next working dog, but when we moved here and I started being able to walk Freya myself, I realised I could do with one. They made me a custom one in the best colour, with reflective strips, rings for my chair, and a carabiner! I love it.


A very orange morning.


He’s very enthusiastic about naps.
I got myself a little Jurassic Park VHS lamp! I would have put it on my wishlist, but it would have sold out by my birthday as the place does mostly one-of-a-kind things.
I also couldn’t resist this retro keyring. All the Esmeralda ones were of course sold out but I love this goat anyway!


And here’s some recent scrapbooking I did.

So I went from, “I’ll just have a written list of attributes I want in a house one day and give it to an architect” to “Here is a scrapbook for this specific house plan.”



At least I know what I want I suppose.

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