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Married 1 year!

On Halloween we went down to the restaurant where we had our wedding reception exactly a year prior, and had a very nice dinner.


I’m not normally a Prosecco person but they gave it to us on the house so I did drink this one.
My Bepis.
Significant woman.
Best nachos.
Best chilli.


There’s always something tangible in the air on the 31st itself. We had to avoid the motorway due to issues with the car, so we drove through so many beautiful Hampshire villages. On the way back in the darkness they were so unspeakably gorgeous. There were a lot of pumpkins out in the older villages, they might still have the culture of them being serious business. More populated areas, not so much with the pumpkins.
We went through so much tree cover, and saw lots of fields with mysterious tall shadows where there should have been open sky. Everything was magical.


I put glowsticks in the plastic pumpkins in the window so they were actually visible!
But it made them look a bit weird.
The frame with our invitation in it glittered really nicely next to a candle.
Fabulous pumpkin tealight holder I’m eternally in love with.
Our initial markings for romantic Jack O’Lantern. Our friends brought us this pumpkin at our party last week!
Gotta give a guiding light for your ancestors and deceased loved ones, but scare away the bad things!

Snapchat-534784212 (1).gif

My skin seems to be slowly turning an odd colour. Although my hairline and the areas around my eyes apparently aren’t joining in.
A baby snail exploring the pumpkin!
Outdoor ghost lights that Kadek gave me!

An anniversary also means getting presents!

Will got me these super cool multicolour shoes! They’re actually decent for wearing outdoors unlike my normal step-in ones with lots of decorative holes!
And he got me these shower bombs! I don’t speak German so I had to ask Will about the packaging. Some of the flavour names were obvious, but we were both stumped by “fichte.” (It’s spruce, apparently.)
And, the big one . . . he got a new bed!

We had our metal bed for about 4 years (in fact I can find the old post where I mention getting it), before that we were on a divan belonging to the landlord for 5 years. Metal beds have their problems, ours became a lot weaker when we first moved house with it, lost a bunch of the screws, and had parts of it held up willy-nilly with the best fitting stuff we could find. And then I mangled it by doing an impression of the way they get into bed on The Sims 2 shouting DO BE DO!

During our move to this house we somehow lost even more screws, even though we tape them to the bed frame when moving, and so a support pole in the centre of the bed was kind of precariously hovering. That recently gave up and broke the end of the bed in the process, so it was extremely dodgy sleeping on it at night.

I did happen to have a bed on my Amazon wishlist, because I saw it and fell in love with it, but I didn’t expect to be able to get it for ages. Well, Will bought it for me for our 1st wedding anniversary!

It’s lovely, lower than the average bed but still not totally on the floor, nicer for Freya and the elderly cats to climb onto. It also has no endboard, so Will’s ridiculously long legs don’t hit anything now. I love it!

Getting a new bed prompted some much-needed bedroom tidying.

Still some work to do on the wardrobe.
Sorted a lot of this though.
And found some cool stuff!
I love this little guy.
Still need to tidy up the bedside tables (again!) but I think everything is pretty fabulous right now. Our dust ruffle is also in the wash, but it normally serves to prevent an excess of Freya fur getting under the bed.

Unfortunately I missed Kadek’s Halloween party while doing this, we were invited to more than one party in Soton this weekend, but Will’s mum was working and couldn’t drive us. Not only that, but the car tyres need replacing, we’ve been cautioned against driving too long at once, it was risky enough going down there for anniversary dinner, repeating it once or twice more at the weekend would have absolutely taken the piss.

I know it’s not like me to miss a Halloween party, but I really had to miss this one. But, Halloween is on a weekend next year, Kadek and me have already talked about hosting a spooky banger on the 31st itself.

And we have such an amazing house for hosting parties in right now. It’s gonna be lit . . . in about 365 days lol.


Beautiful Bertie.

The cats are pretty much just loose in the house most of the time now. They have gates they can disappear behind when they find Freya’s nosing too intense, but she’s getting better about it.

I feel like I’m really bonding with the cats at the moment as well. I already knew Piccalilli and Charlie 9 years ago (sadly Mopsy and Roxy are no longer around), Bertie I didn’t meet until a couple of years ago, and he was super shy.

They all seem to be getting more comfortable around me, and are happy to flop on my bed or rummage in whatever I’m doing. Bertie has even started loudly meowing at me to talk to me, something he previously only did to Will’s family.


Best car air freshener.
I swear to God, Joop.
Mixing with woodlice.


Kadek got me some lovely stickers and I put some of them on my phone. I made a custom hole in my phone case a while ago to accommodate the Popsocket. It absolutely wouldn’t stick to the outside of the case, even with superglue, so for a while I tried forgoing the case, but I managed to get a tiny chip knocked out of the top of the camera, so I realised I better put the case back on and work around it.
Memories of an even more uncoordinated time in my life.


Getting some love from Bertie.

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