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We have a bed!

Until last night, Will and I had been sleeping on our mattress on our bedroom floor. The bed in our last house was not only an uncomfortable divan, but it also belonged to the landlord. Getting a bed wasn’t a financial priority as long as we had a mattress, but at Christmas, Will received an Amazon gift card so we were able to order a bed for virtually no cost.
It arrived yesterday and we assembled it together last night. I shuffled up the stairs with the aim of daring to go down again to prepare the house for bed (e.g. get my phone, let the dog out, make sure all the lights are off), but while shuffling along the floor to help Will hold up a bar, I dislocated my knee. It went very red and then a bit purple.
Obviously I was then trapped upstairs for the rest of the evening as trying to shuffle up again on a freshly-dislocated knee was a no-no. So I had to send Will down to do the before-bedtime stuff. I usually enjoy letting the dog out at night, I can put her Leuchtie on her and see where she’s going in the garden. But sometimes my body isn’t going to let that be a feasible thing. It should hopefully be different when I get a stairlift and my chair can get further in the house.
The bed frame and its instructions had a weird powdery stuff on them that made my hands burn a bit, and then later on I was having the same kind of allergic rhinitis reaction that I do to dust and such, which is a bit annoying but I was all right after showering this morning.
But yes, in summary, it is very nice to have a bed! It has brought strange new life to the mattress as well.
Somewhere still packed in a box, we have some battery-operated string lights with little owls, and I want to wrap them around the bars of the headboard so we can have them on when we listen to podcasts before going to sleep. We’re listening to SAYER at the moment. Unfortunately I have to have my ear right against Will’s phone speaker in order to make out the words, but it’s still a nice thing to do together before falling asleep.
What a scaley nose!

The deer bedspread was a Yule gift from my mother and it is very cute.

Here’s a picture of my new hair claw.

My existing one is perfectly nice, but the teeth have been snapping off since we moved in here. I must have kept having impromptu naps without taking it out of my hair first.

My knee area is still very tender and quite swollen but I’m going to attempt to clear my office area today and actually start using my computer at the desk. I like being in the lounge, but I also feel it would be better to keep my laptop out of it and have an actual work area.
I didn’t get as much cleaning done as I wanted to yesterday because I wasn’t feeling very well. And today, Freya is a bit poorly and just napping next to me.

I’m trying to talk Will into letting us have a little housewarming at the end of the month. It would probably be boardgame-oriented and we don’t have a table yet, but I still think it would be nice to do.

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