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Whoops I made another house plan

It’s obvious that floorplans are my therapy at this point. What with continuing to be generally ill and tired, and the political world having gone to complete and utter shit, it’s no wonder I needed some therapy. I guess that’s why I felt the need to visit Floorplanner again.

This time I was inspired by the layout of Taylor Wimpey’s Easdale design.

Original ground floor. I’m not sure how people on either of those sofas see the TV.
Original top floor.

As usual I wanted to change some stuff. I always add more room to a house plan (I don’t know why modern housebuilders seem to have something against clear space).

My ground floor. Dogs are under the rug apparently.
My top floor. Forgot to mark the skylight over the stairs.

Floorplanner doesn’t allow you to create elevations of your house plan, so I decided to make some myself with the magic of the printscreen key.

Front elevation
Front elevation, the side that actually faces the street. Path/ parking would continue up on the left.
Left side elevation
Left side elevation. An architect could likely even-up the window placement. I really love double eave hip & gable roofs / pent roofs so imagine something like that going on. I’d have a purple front door also, but Floorplanner has limited choices.
Purple door 1
A good front door.
Purple door 2
Another good door, one that would probably fit best on the above plan.
Back rear elevation
Rear elevation, leads to garden.
Right side elevation
Right side elevation. An attached office could possibly go along until the WC window.
Notice the little sofa table thingy I used to be the equivalent of my TableMate πŸ™‚
Tried to maintain some built-in storage and skylight elements.
Once again, a lot of things take inspiration from my current house.
The boiler cupboard is large enough to function as an emergency bedroom, but I imagine somebody wouldn’t want to sleep in there full time (apparently this is OK).
I hope there would still be plenty of banister around those stairs for stringlights and tinsel.
The number of bedrooms mean this could theoretically serve as a multi-generational home, but I would worry that more downstairs room was needed to give everybody space.
There isn’t a separate utility room in this plan, but I think it makes the house a more realistic size, and the doors should help to reduce noise from the washing machine filtering through to the living room. The cupboard under the stairs would likely need to have a bi-fold door to avoid either hitting the toilet or hitting the stuff inside when opened.
Check out the reflection on the shower glass.
I wish all newbuilds had to make space for a wheelchair lift by the stairs like that. I’ve seen some newbuild plans that would be OK for us, but there just isn’t the room to add a lift to get upstairs in my chair. I don’t think a stairlift would cut it for my health long term.
Just waiting for myself to figure out what I forgot to put in the plan. So far I know I forgot cat flaps on the doors of rooms with toilets (RE: that’s where litter trays would be).
I couldn’t find any green sofas but I think those red ones are the same width as our current ones. The LACK tables are the same as the ones we currently have, and I added a coffee table on castor wheels, because I think we need one so that Will stops putting dinner plates and old drink bottles in a pile on the floor in the corner where the sofas meet -_-.
Some of the bedrooms are quite tiny but meant for occasional guest/ Christmas use.
Floors on top of each other. I’d be very happy to live in this house.


On another note, I have this in my head a lot at the moment.

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