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I love Israel

Sue me until the end of eternity. I love the state and land of Israel. Unequivocally, Israel forever.

I am too fucking old to keep walking on a tightrope of generic sentiments of peace and love, instead of just outright demanding safety for the Jewish people.
I am done with it. Done with it all. How can anybody in their right mind, in this day and age, not know the reality of Israel and its history. How hard must people be trying to bury their heads in the sand?

  • How does it not occur to people that Jewish buildings being somewhere for 3,000 years, when Islam didn’t even exist until the 7th century, means that Jews were, in fact, the indigenous people of the land? THREE MOTHERFUCKING THOUSAND YEARS.
  • How do people not notice anything odd about the fact that the area called the “West Bank” is actually on the EAST of Israel. Its real name is JUDEA (Yehud). Do you seriously not think that Jews (Yehudim) are from Judea?!

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Time and again, people have invaded this land, time and again the Jews have been forced to scatter around the world, but time and time again the Jews have returned to their land.

One of these invasions is the reason it started being called “Palestine” in the first place. It was an insult to the native Jews, to name them after a defeated biblical enemy.

state for palestinian arabs


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Before 1964 the word “Palestinian” literally referred to Jews. The Polish in WW2 used to say “Go back to Palestine” to their Jews. There was a Palestine football team which were . . . Jews. Even though past coins said “Palestine” on them, they also had Eretz Yisrael, “State of Israel” written on them underneath. This is not rocket science.

You have to wonder why other Muslim countries often frown on people referring to themselves as Palestinian refugees. Lebanon, for example, keeps “Palestinians” in ghettos and refuses to let them work in 20 career roles, including as doctors.

Lebanon apartheid wall
This is Lebanon building a literal apartheid wall around a Palestinian refugee camp.

Why don’t Muslim countries want to mix with people calling themselves Palestinian refugees, or even grant them citizenship, despite using them as chess pieces on the world stage to condemn the world’s only Jewish nation?

To me, the answer is obvious.


Even videos put out by Palestinian media, showing people interviewing their older relatives, show that the Muslim population were not made into refugees. In fact, they freely admit on camera that their Muslim leaders advised them to leave, because they were expecting a military victory against the Jews (there had already been many massacres against the Jewish population, especially in Hebron in 1929). However, Israel won the wars fair and square.

Hebron newspaper

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Although Jews offered citizenship of the reconstructed nation of Israel to the Muslims, many rejected it.
The Muslims that are now Israeli, do not want to move to Gaza or the PA or be under the rule of any future Palestinian state. But nobody wants to hear about this.

Sara Zoabi

Suha Haskia

Nearly every Israeli Arab would prefer to live in Israel over a Palestinian state and just 30 percent come out to vote for Arab parties in Knesset elections.” – Anett Haskia

But I do hate that the word Arab is used to mean “Muslim” in the above context and that things are framed as being Arabs vs Jews. 50% of Israel’s Jews are Arabs.

My Jewish family were Arabs. We are called Mizrahim.

The conflict is not with the Arab ethnicity but with particular groups of Muslims who want to annihilate Jews, and there’s no point in denying it any further.

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So what’s all the fuss right now? Donald Trump decided to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Which it already fucking is. And it’s been the law since 1995 that the US embassy should be in Jerusalem.

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The right-wing only seizes Jewish causes because it helps them deflect from allegations of their own Nazism, or they think that they can bring about Armageddon if they get all the Jews together. They don’t care about us the rest of the time, and the only reason they are able to use us in the first place is because the left-wing completely threw us under the bus.

But terrorists will accept any excuse to commit more terror.

So we’ve had rockets and stabbings again.

Please explain to me why that man working at a bus station needed to be stabbed.

Israel has retaliated to rocket launches and have thus far hit the following in Gaza:

  1. A weapon manufacturing site
  2. Another weapon manufacturing site
  3. A weapons warehouse
  4. A Hamas military compound

All belonging to the terrorist organisation Hamas.


What is the world’s response to this? In both England and Sweden, people marched, shouting “Kill the Jews.” (not Israeli nationals, or Americans, Jews, all Jews). 20 Swedish men surrounded a synagogue and threw molotov cocktails. As I type this, news is emerging about an American synagogue being completely in flames.

Again, this is in response to Israel hitting:

  • A weapon manufacturing site
  • Another weapon manufacturing site
  • A weapons warehouse
  • A Hamas military compound

You are literally siding with terrorists over Jews. I’m sure the usual idiotic stories are going around about Israel killing or kidnapping babies and stealing their organs, but you’d have to be a real fucking idiot to believe those (especially when accompanied by famous photographs of Syria), so let’s face it, what you really don’t like is that Israel is Jewish and it is not taking any terrorist shit.

I’m not sure why it doesn’t occur to Israel-haters, that every time they do something antisemitic, they are adding to the list of reasons that Israel needs to exist.

When you attack synagogues, when you shout “Kill the Jews,” when you abuse people on their doorstep because they have a menorah in their window or their Magen David falls out of their shirt while they lean forward to take a parcel (these two have happened to me), when you let Jeremy Corbyn be leader of your political party, when you blame things going wrong on a conspiracy by the Zionist boogeyman, all you do is SEND MORE JEWS TO ISRAEL!

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I’ve accepted that I’ll have to move to Israel one day. I want to build a nice house here and stay comfortable with my family forever, but I know in the back of my mind that it isn’t feasible. The left-wing let this happen and the right-wing can rub it in their faces forevermore.

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Oh but surely, Letti, if them pesky Jews would just give up their holiest place, there could be ~*peace in the middle east*~?

Yeah, but you said that about Gaza, and all that happened is the Muslims destroyed the greenhouses and used the land as a rocket launching pad. Gaza is a complete shithole, run by terrorists, the civilians live in poverty because the government uses international aid money to build themselves gaudy mansions. But hey, at least there are no Jews left in Gaza.


No country in the world would accept living under a constant barrage of missiles, and yet the world demands that Jews accept it.

If these videos don’t have you in tears I just don’t know what else to even say to you.

I have one of these rockets on my keys. A piece was taken from the explosion site, carved into the shape of Israel, and the words “The people of Israel live.” was put on it. Sderot is always in my heart.


All that would happen if Jews gave up Jerusalem, or anywhere else, is that it would become another launching pad for terror. Israel gave Gaza to the Palestinians, and it went to shit, it became a hive of terrorist activity, and its people accused Israel of “occupying” it because they no longer had access to Israel’s food and water and hospitals because, obviously, they were no longer part of the country of Israel, which was exactly what they wanted.
Originally there wasn’t a barrier between Gaza and Israel, but due to constant terror attacks (even though the Palestinians got what they wanted?), the security fence and checkpoints had to be set up. People love to call this an “apartheid wall” because, obviously, Jews are meant to put up with terror and just let foreign enemies, who specifically requested not to be a part of the country anymore, walk onto their land and stab them. The wall will come down when you stop sending suicide bombers.

You can’t have it both ways. Either you are a part of Israel, or you face a border checkpoint when you try to enter it. This is common fucking sense.
Bizarrely, plenty of Palestinians chose to enter Israel for work or for medical treatment, including terror leaders and their families, who spend the rest of their time trying to have the place destroyed.


But the whole point of this post is, I’m not going to pussyfoot around it any longer. If you don’t support Israel, you’re being an obtuse idiot.

What starts with the Jews never ends with just the Jews. Car-ramming attacks, long used on Israelis, have come to England. Even if it’s for entirely selfish reasons, you need to learn your shit, become an adult, and stand the fuck with Israel.

If I forget you, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget me!
Psalm 137:5

For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent, for Jerusalem’s sake I will not remain quiet, till her vindication shines out like the dawn, her salvation like a blazing torch.
Isaiah 62:1

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