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Adventures in bread


Kadek of The Spicy Bean came over at the weekend, mainly so we could have the Annual General Meeting for the charity we both run, but also so that we could have fun trying to make jalapeno cheese bread.

This is something I’ve had on a “things to try” list in my notebook this year, and I’m glad I’ve finally done it.

The first thing I want to do though, is rave about the set of measuring spoons I got!


They have both ml and Tsps etc. on them, so you don’t need to get confused, and the larger ones even have little cookie cutters on their bases! They are super cool and you can get them here!

We didn’t really follow any specific recipe, I just got standard bread-making ingredients in, with added cheese and jalapenos. Kadek looked up some rough measurements for things on her phone and we chucked them in.

I have some photos of Kadek’s hands doing stuff, I think she also has photos of me pouring slightly too much salt into the bowl.


The finished bread both looks and tastes very good! I think maybe there should be slightly more cheese in the cheese-jalapeno ratio, but it’s not bad for a first attempt.


I’m wondering if I should try and make more for Halloween. Not in the sense that jalapenos are scary, but in the sense that, it’s nice food and parties are a good time to have nice food. I suppose I could try and shape it into my Kornigou for the year. They are meant to be spicy after all!


We also watched a film called The Dead Room which was pretty alright, very visually odd though. Always looked like the characters were in front of a greenscreen even when they were just next to a wall. Corners lacked depth and so it looked like they were stood in front of a photo of a corner instead. It was an OK film though.

We also saw The Mummy and later did some Tomb Raider 2 (I still haven’t finished the VCI levels on Chronicles because I don’t want tooooooooo).

I honestly have a real life fear of vent fans.
Thanks for dying on a slope so I can’t take your medipack you bellend.

On the subject of Tomb Raider 2, there is a fan-made equivalent of Anniversary in the works and it looks absolutely amazing!


Other recent things:

This is one of the best things I’ve ever purchased in my life.
Freya having a strop because I put her toy basket up on the sofa while I was putting down carpet powder. THE NERVE OF IT.
Do a sleep.
A visible dividing line in my Pepsi.
This bra seems way too fancy to use as loungewear but that’s what I’m doing anyway.

I recently got a month-to-view planner, with the idea in mind that I can start using my notebook/ bullet-journal-esque thingy as my planner once my Paperchase one runs out, because I think I’d enjoy drawing it all out.

But I need a month-to-view one to make sure I get future dates right and to note down appointments that are three months ahead and whatnot.


This one is absolutely beautiful and you can get it here. I had a hard time choosing between this one and their outdoorsy-themed one.

This spider made a reappearance.
I’m now on Rizatriptan because Zolmitriptan made me so sick. This one is way better at stopping painful pulsing, although nothing can quite get the pain out of my skull.


I’m going to be sewing a little travel bag/ airport purse/ aeroplane tote/ whatever you actually want to call it, soon. I’m not going anywhere in particular, I just feel like doing it. The only issue is that I have to hand-sew it, because my mini sewing machine is very temperamental with anything other than the sample piece of fabric it came with. Can one hand-sew an entire bag? We will find out!


So yeah, bread is fun.

Dat bread.
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