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We all need llamas in our lives

What’s up bitches, there is of course a new Sims expansion. And although 4 isn’t my favourite and I don’t see myself getting many of the packs, I did of course have to get this one because it’s right up my street. It’s called Cottage Living and it lets me have a cow, a llama, and chickens, as well as providing the nicest neighbourhood so far in my opinion. It’s definitely the best American impression of rural England I’ve seen.

I love the pond features but only the mallard ducks actually appear on the water for me.
I’ve finally tried cross stitch . . . but only in The Sims.
And look at this cutie!
Apparently I didn’t take as many pictures of my animals as I thought.
We blended together.
It’s not wrong.
Before Cottage Living came out I was super impatient and remade us as Sims for a new save. I tried REALLY hard this time and proper stared at the profile photo I have on Fanhouse and Instagram to try and get my features right. But of course I’m also taking thickness off things to try and get what I’d look like without Cushing’s. And I can never get my nose to get wider at the bottom on The Sims.
Also tried staring at a photo of Will but I think I still got it wrong.
Apparently researching a plant involves standing next to it making this face.


I am watching two friends streaming at once via Multistre.am so I think it’s gonna take me way longer to write this post than intended.



I’ve had a couple new subscribers just from this video so it must somehow be amazing.
This could be quite a significant bug, but am I brave enough to write to the developers and tell them about it? No.
This is from last December and it’s FINALLY on YouTube. Have a couple more to go.
And I can’t remember if I shared these ones before.
This is probably one of our funniest.
This is one hell of a self-own.
Not going to put the effort into keeping people who can’t be bothered to defend us on social media. Your real thoughts are obvious.
Perhaps the most frustrating thing about this line of discourse is that they are always showing the Dome of the Rock while talking about Al-Aqsa. They feel so strongly about it but they can’t identify which of the multiple mosques they built on top of our fucking temple.
Also “bomb them while they sleep and demolish their homes,” since we only shoot at the rocket launchers who in their right fucking mind has gone to sleep next to one of those?
Thank you to my people, Japan, for recognising my other people.
All they did was stop separatist Muslims from being able to buy ice cream, amazing how Jew-hate deranges people into shooting themselves in the foot.
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