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It’s been a while

I suppose if you miss me that much you could just watch me on stream. I’m really not doing much at the moment.

We saw a hedgehog! Unfortunately he was dead up the side of our shed the next day.
Freya is now 12.
And we’ve now had Joop for 3 years!
A tidied bedroom.
Small BBQ.
Men doing weird table things.
Fell in love with this fish cushion.
Bertie gonna Bert.
Ildefonso, Plectrude, and Gesubaldo in the bedroom.
It’s a shame that old receipts fade because sometimes you glue them into books as memories.
Big tomato plant.
A mini indoor carnivorous bog.
And I finally have my dream keyboard stickers.

Since people get shitty when I regularly defend my people (yes we obviously talk about it), here is a backlog.

  Sarah Silverman is so clinically fucking stupid. Also “Jewess,” do you get your lingo from fucking Stormfront.
Shaun King is a male Rachel Dolezal who spent his whole life pretending to be black, and yet so many people are up his ass. There’s a reason people call him “Talcum X.”

And of course someone took my sister (who is, if you don’t understand what siblings are, genetically the same as me), to meet someone who holds these exact views, because who gives a shit if one of us is murdered.

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