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Plant time again

It’s always risky cutting your own hair with the ponytail method (and I accidentally gave myself a fringe again) but the weight of my hair was bothering me.
He’s so pure of heart.
Pickle has started aggressively coming for my lunch salads and walking all over my keyboard about it.
The banana plant was looking a bit worse for wear in Joop’s vivarium so I took it out and potted it, and hopefully it will recover.
The Yucca has gone for another stint outside now that things are hotting up.
Soaking-in some plants intended for our bedroom.
I’ve had my migraine Botox again! Unfortunately I needed to have another COVID test even though I’ve been fully vaccinated. As always I got jabbed in the forehead, sides of head, back of head, neck, and upper back/ shoulders. One of the other people in the waiting room said they asked how many injections we actually get and apparently the answer is 30-something. I tried counting myself but lost count at 7 because the forehead especially is very intensely painful. I don’t understand how anyone gets Botox voluntarily because it hurts so much honestly.
Frappes are life.
Waiting for my eyebrows to start acting up after the injections. Still got the Moon Face going on.
Eyebrows starting to go.
Never quite had a tablet look like this before.


I’ve decided I’m going to give names to houseplants/ plants that spend any time indoors, but not garden plants because that’s just too many.

So here are my plant names so far:

Gesubaldo > Dragon tree
Plectrude > Snake plant
Ildefonso > Parlour palm
Altagracia > Yucca
And I’ve just been calling the banana plant Mr. Banane.

Bonjudas and Ermenberga died a while ago, I thought they might’ve just been dying back for the winter but they’ve made no comeback. But I like their names so much that when I next get some carnivorous plants they will probably be Bonjudas and Ermenberga 2.0


And below are some videos I’ve been working hard on recently. I’ve started using a new editing style to make the videos as short as possible. Sometimes it’s not possible to keep a video under 30 mins if the session of a single game was like 3 or 4 hours, because that’s too much to cut out. I feel like missions should still have an obvious beginning, middle, and end, rather than just random scenes from throughout the day. 



Apparently we are due a visit from Ben soon as well. I wonder if he remembers that he tried to take my top off the last time I saw him. I’m still feeling like a real hermit about people especially as my health has gotten so much worse and I don’t really want people to see me like this.

I did see my sister recently though, which prompted me to make this and this.

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