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Realised it’s been a while since I wrote anything about normal life. But there still isn’t a lot to mention. I am still waiting for at least two surgical interventions and I feel like garbage day-to-day. In bed most of the time and usually not showering unless I’m streaming because I just can’t spare the energy. Which sucks and is uncomfortable.

Freya had surgery recently; as far as we know she knocked a tooth out when she divebombed the floor in search of a dropped bit of Dentastix, although it was quite hard to see what actually happened. A huge lump then grew which took over the front of her mouth. They cut it off in surgery and also had to remove some of the teeth from the front of her mouth. They unfortunately found some other random lumps as well. I was worried she wouldn’t cope with surgery because she’s so old but she seems fine apart from being a bit grumpy and weird from the anaesthetic, which they told us to expect. She is on soft food for the time being and can’t have any of her toys right now.

Freya had shaved parts on both front legs where she had lines in and injections, but only needed a bandage on one.
Finally had my second dose. Seen a couple of people since then but still not amazingly confident about it.
Finally had to replace my laptop. Transferred my Redbubble stickers over mostly without incident (they really are removeable!) but still made some placement errors.
Got this lovely protective sleeve for it as well in case the same mysterious thing happens again.
Katy’s birthday.
I actually miss the original Aero bars but I’m not sure they do them anymore.
He wedged himself in the log and I had to break it to get him out.
Bertie gonna Bert.

I finally had a gorgeous logo and banner done by an artist. You can see them in action on my Twitch and YouTube.

And check out the sidebar widget.

My new laptop doesn’t really like The Sims 3 but I can get it to work if I turn my resolution down. A lot has happened on there; I decided to separate the kids from the main household so they could have their own lives and children. I miss being able to play them as one household but it felt like the right time. Ruby married Gavin Pinkerton, who she started a relationship with of her own accord, and Saff likewise married Seymore Cole, who had actually been our maid from before we even had children, so it’s a bit weird tbh.

Turns out the scarecrow will do stuff if you stare for long enough.

The duplicate Lara Croft died. 
I love this kind of chair.
A ghost in the Phasmo house.
And Bonehilda in someone’s bed.
Meeting another random unicorn.
A collection of ghosts.
This looks like such a satisfying way to sleep.
Don’t know how I did that.
Built a holiday home for the family to stay at for a while. Horses continued usual bullshit.
The Puerta cat thinking about roses!
The first house the game decided was big enough for me to have a gift pile at.
I enjoy this poster.
A haunted gnome. As if they aren’t all haunted already.
Met this cat at the graveyard.
I did this in real life once.
I don’t understand why the umbrellas keep breaking.
Horses always trying to get into houses.
Found that same bag of food at a grave that made me cry three years ago.
Greenhouse roof looks fancy as fuck on an improved laptop.
Zooming home with two newborn babies.
Of course, a fire.
I always artificially turn kids into young adults but sometimes the game protests.
What is that dog doing.
This is Menelaus from the shelter.
Never noticed balloons in the background before.
Nachos are still where it’s at.
Tyrone the Simbot has 0s and 1s instead of Zs.
Horse got into the damn neighbours house!

Of course my main household had kittens while I wasn’t there.

The Sims 4 has been running absolutely fine on the new laptop.

Apparently I shouldn’t fix vacuum cleaners.
Still building things.
This facial expression.
Love the pet doors.
Accidentally filled the garden with dog agility equipment.
Met this cutie who I definitely would have adopted.
I forget why I took this screenshot but it does remind me that there’s not a lot in the way of curly hair.
I don’t know why she turned up to this mission in her bikini but it all went terribly.
When I clicked on one of the Eerie Hands, one of the options was “set as head.”
I don’t know what I expected.
Attack of the floating bananas.
This cat.

Imagine holding up this sign and still thinking you’re the good guys. (no the post hasn’t been removed WordPress just hates embedding.)

For people who don’t want us to live in Israel, they sure aren’t leaving us anywhere else.

We notice your silence.

Link if embed playing up.

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