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I am exhausted

My muscle weakness is getting out of control at the moment and we had to cancel an appointment this morning because it was clear I wasn’t making it out of bed. I’ve only been up for a couple of hours, I did get a new video uploaded to YouTube after I left it exporting last night, I don’t think I will get another one edited today I’m just too tired.

So with that here’s more recent stuff from The Sims.

Accidentally made these guys my active household for a little while. Saw some interesting moodlets.
If you feel like this at night and you’re not a vampire it might turn out you have Cushing’s Disease.
Purple need bars.
Why does it say “From Spider Bite?” as if the sim doesn’t know what they just did.
I forgot I named a planet Planet Butt until this came up.
The Sims 3 is the game that keeps on giving. Molly got a job as an interior designer and I actually got to remodel people’s lots!! I had the time of my life.
Putting a roof on this outbuilding screwed up the main house’s rood though. Oops.
He’s so cute.

Needless to say I got carried away with this.
I was frankly captivated by this frog picture.
I don’t think it’s a bad likeness tbh.
Some guy flirted with my Sim at a party (by talking about nachos, so not off to a bad start) but my Sim then got told off for behaving inappropriately even though she was the one being flirted with??
I feel a bit weird about having turned our Sim daughter into a vampire, but since I actually spend most of the time playing as the kids it made more sense to do that than with mine or Will’s sim.
Vampires apparently have Vs when they sleep instead of Zs. But I suppose it’s a bit weird that you get either of those when Simlish doesn’t use the Latin alphabet.
Lara Croft apparently autonomously became a vampire at some point. And the weird duplicate of her in the town seems to be a fairy.
Will being totally oblivious and standing outside with the zombies during an attack.
Anna has Zs instead of Vs though.
Sims really love rocking chairs.
I love that our sims are still romantic even when I’m not controlling that household.
My girl Molly designed a dang house!
And there’s a pet rat.
A more recognisable Molly.
While controlling the Puerta house, our daughter stopped eating and died in the main household. Then Lara Croft died for the same reason, so I didn’t keep part of the save, and went back to my main household. I’ve had this problem in previous years on The Sims 3, where vampires in other households just don’t autonomously feed themselves when you’re there, and hanging out with them can kill them.
A weird expression.
I made a greenhouse.
Unfortunately you have to put floor tiles on top of it to make it count as indoors for the plants, but a lot of them don’t show up under the glass roof.
Having a greenhouse allows you to shout at your plants with a megaphone for some reason.

Sims 3 vs Sims 4. I don’t think I ever get my own face right.
I think my Lara Croft was pretty good though!

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