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Witness my derangement

If you haven’t seen anything of the game Devour, I sincerely urge you to catch up. Probably cast it to a TV a bit away from you or at the very least don’t wear headphones!

We in The Spooky Crew love Devour even though it terrifies us to our very cores. It’s one of those games where, much like with Phasmophobia, when we’re not playing it, we wish we were playing it, but when we are actually playing it, we regret every decision of our lives up to that point. It’s a weird addiction.

You may be able to predict where I’m going with this . . .

We talked about building Anna’s house in The Sims but it’s such a weird house that I, a lover of floorplans and housebuilding, have trouble arranging it in my mind.

So I’ll just quote what I wrote in Discord: “Ok I had an illegal amount of fun doing this. The proportions are all wrong and I pulled the upstairs out of my ass but I’m actually quite happy with it ?. Also Anna is married to Molly and they are vampires now. They have a small pointy cat named Goat.”

I will undoubtedly show more detail when I eventually do a video of my Sims setups for YouTube. I will probably record with OBS, but it will have to be on my eventual next laptop because this one couldn’t have both The Sims and OBS running.

And I’m sure none of this makes any sense to you if you still haven’t seen Devour.

These rooms in particular are long in the wrong direction because of complications with staircases in The Sims.
The bonging clock and plenty of roses.
I don’t know why they sleep in their day clothes though. I know someone who IRL goes to bed in jeans and I’m genuinely uncomfortable when I remember.
I like to think I make good trait choices for characters I remake in The Sims.

Now let’s do a comparison!

Real Anna.
Real Molly (after going into The Asylum)

I haven’t uploaded my Asylum video yet because I’m waiting for my channel logo to be finished so I can bookend the video with it. This is a self-imposed delay at a time when a big thing has happened but it still seems like a good time to do it. The raw stream is still on Twitch though, although admittedly this is without my hilarious editing.

And, here’s some more general stuff from The Sims because apparently, I am still hitting that screenshot button sometimes.

Another unicorn comes to visit.
Behold my flying vacuum cleaner.
I accidentally froze.
I do miss horse rides.
A lot of the teleporting antics stopped when I penned the horses into a particular part of the garden, you still get some shenanigans though.
Lara Croft’s mansion had a ghost invasion and a ghost possessed a sink when the sim wanted to use it.
Peeing in front of a random baby.
Can you see the floating egg?
Slapped by a ghost.
Why do people keep dumping laundry in the front garden.
A random woman came, touched our bees, got stung.
A cute happy horse.
Moved some walls around to correct some room proportions that were really bothering me. Still not perfect, but better.
Older version.
I’m not sure what you’re meant to do with a broken umbrella.
The perfect old-lady Letti scenario.

So yeah sorry that I’m still only talking about The Sims or other games but there’s really not much going on in real life. Have finally booked my second Covid jab though!

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