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I’m not done after all!

Firstly I must announce:

Details may change but don’t miss The Spooky Crew’s next misadventure!

Unfortunately it turns out I’m still not done talking about The Sims! Normally when I go into a Sims/ city-building/ park-building game phase I feel the need to tell everybody about it in a big flurry, but then I soon stop wanting to screenshot everything or report on every detail. I thought I’d got there but apparently not, because I did a bad thing.

So, since Sims 4 doesn’t want to run on my laptop I started another Sims 3 save set later in life. The idea is that the kids have the original house and 3 of the horses, but Will and me took the original horse, dog, and cat, to Moonlight Falls, built the best rendition of our house yet, and had a chill life.

However. Something went wrong. A ghost neighbour was all “Hey, our dog just had puppies, come and adopt one!” and I was like, I’ll go and see the puppies but we don’t need a house full of animals again. Puppy named Scout accidentally came home with me. I met a kitten. It physically hurt me to see it’s adorable mannerisms as it ran around. I *accidentally* added the kitten to my family. Then Will accidentally adopted a pet via the phone services. We now have 3 cats and 2 dogs. But hey, it’s only the one horse! It still feels a lot less chaotic than my main save with FOUR HORSES.

A duplicate Lara Croft???
This is made all the more comical by the fact that my daughter is the Mayor.
There’s something about “family nut hatch.”
Why is this a positive moodlet though.
Real Will would have something to say about this.
Unfortunately both Don and Cinder died, we now have Charles and Ammy.
Eafs spoke to me both in facial expression and name, but I knew IRL Will would love the name Gumbo.
Elderly Lara Croft sells food at the fayre instead of going to dangerous places.
Do I even want to know what happened here.
This would be a very lovely house to build.
Got a scarecrow. From Lara Croft incidentally.
I keep noticing a lot of details on these tanks!
It actually sucks a lot when the little pets die.
People always end up in our bedroom with a guitar. This isn’t entirely untrue in real life either.

I think making our original dog an elder was a mistake, some of the mannerisms are painful reminders of things going on with Freya. I might edit him back down to a normal adult (testingcheatsenabled true club 4 lyfe).

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