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My husband, the werewolf

My dog was supposed to go in for a procedure the other day, but Will accidentally gave her breakfast, bless him. She wasn’t supposed to eat after midnight, so the whole thing has been postponed.

Not much else happening. Streaming this afternoon (Sunday) but we don’t get a new Devour map for another week.

When one of the Phasmo sims is at a ghost event but clearly not working.
Haircut of the century.
Two parrots in the snow where they are definitely meant to be.
Making snow angels instead of doing work.
Lara Croft has been holding a phantom plate for ages now.
Figured out how to make the nice roofs here too.
Saw her randomly riding past.
Saw a random raccoon.
A suspicious door.
There’s a ghost attack, better put my baby on the floor.
Sometimes they just come back for the computers.

There’s still a lot to do but for a change of pace, I made another save where Will and me are elderly and just live with the original horse, dog, and cat. Also Will is a werewolf now.

Built the same house again, and I think I got the proportions of the game room a lot more correct.
I originally had this room behind a bookcase door because I thought that was cool, however, the game made it behave like a hidden room, everything was totally pitch black even with Sims in the room/ the door open, so I replaced it with a normal door.
Of course I still have chickens.
Elderly Lara Croft.
Got a tortoise and a lizard to represent Joop and the Salamander I’m bound to get one day (they’re like lizards but are ok at room temperature!). The automatic names for them were Cinder and Don, which I kept.
Nice to know Will still watches me play things when we’re old.
Will turned into a werewolf at the exact moment I vomited. 
Still gotta lock your gate for zombies.
I always get fleas when I go to the park.
Used a tanning booth, went about as brown as I do in real life lmao.
Inconvenient touchpad.

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