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Just a bit more

Started to improve the roof a bit more.
The only flag I don’t have IRL is the Bisexual one, although it is the only one of the flags included with the game that applied to me so I stuck it up anyway. And I use the Gwenn ha du instead of France’s flag but that’s very niche.
I keep forgetting the name of this stray cat but it was something adorable.
Falling asleep in water is not necessarily the best idea.
He’s so gorgeous. I do keep forgetting that I named him Goblin though and just calling him “Taco” in my head.
Sat on the vacuum cleaner when it’s not doing anything.
This must be the weird ghost that proposed to my son!
The floor monsters are spooky.
Finally made the perfect gablet. I really bum this roof style IRL.
A mouse hole entertaining the cat.
Eating lunch in swimwear.
At least they actually swim laps in this game instead of just floating there like in The Sims 3.
When a ghost appears during your private toilet moment.
Listening to ghosts be like.
And this is right before it crashed on me again.

Not much else going on aside from I had another blood test and it sucked.

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