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Clearly I’m overdue for talking about houses

Recently I designed that over-the-top house for The Sims, and then made a less ridiculous one, which I did implement (although I screwed it up a bit because the game room is too narrow, sizing in The Sims is weird). I then went on to develop it a bit further as a general plan for a bungalow. So here’s some spam for that.

Already I can see that the right side of the house needs sliding over to make the corridor wider, and the bathroom would need to go back to make the other bit of the hall wider.
I don’t know why the transom doors aren’t the same height as normal doors just with a window on top, instead of being bizarre short doors.
Plenty of room for those vivariums.
Louvre doors seem to have gone the wrong way.
Also made a door on Solidor for the lols. 


It would probably be quite a nice house to build, although Will and me are not of money, so we’ll very likely be doing the shared-ownership thing, and as far as I know, shared-ownership self-build developments are not really a thing, although it would be nice if they were, because then we could get straight to the point building a custom house and not shelling out tens of thousands on adaptations afterwards.

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