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I got cows

Yeah I got cows in The Sims so here we go.

Accidentally had another child. We now have a very full house.
Will decided to walk all the way out of the house to pass out, instead of going to bed like I told him.
A unicorn came to visit!
And joined the family!
Ran into one of the Phasmo sims in the wild. She seems to have autonomously gained weight, which I didn’t know was a thing.
I love this table, but I showed it to Will and he doesn’t.
Riding the new horse.
A scenic dog walk.
Before the unicorn, a neighbour offered for me to adopt a foal. The random horse joining the household kind of opened the floodgates in that regard, so I was like, sure! Soldier had a slightly nicer coat colour but Mocha’s name is just ❤️. 
Why do you sleep in the driveway.
A very realistic portrait of Will being bothered in bed by a cat.
Hitting the toilet with a hammer.
A hedgehog running on a wheel.
One of the many horse stall revamps.
Apparently your hair can disappear into a pillow.
Hand through a plate.
Hopefully the final barn configuration.
I artificially aged-up my kid but the game got confused.
The game slows wayyyyyy down when you have this many people in a room.
The siblings are sharing a double bed because I only built one bedroom for a child.
The unicorn keeps teleporting in the damn house.
A very Letti window.
Had to sacrifice the pond area in order to get a cow corral.

Look at them!
A very Letti living room.
Those are quite big ants.
Looking in the window while someone takes a bath.
Fish and chips!
Why are burglar situations so ridiculous.
Maybe he’s confused because my daughters were named after gems.
And he frightened my horse!
Put a nice speaker up on the wall.
These fucking gnomes. I delete them but they just multiply!
This looks like pencil but is apparently paint.
A hallway conundrum.

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