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If you don’t like The Sims this will bore you

I’m trying not to get back into the trap of all my blog posts being about my Sims sessions (because I post such riveting content otherwise?!), but I’m afraid I do have some Sims pictures today. I just go through phases where I see life through a very Sims lens and I can’t get enough of it.

Usually, I use the Sims so that me and my husband can live our best lives in a perfect peaceful world, have a menagerie of animals, be healthy and employed, live in the perfect house, and have a child without the mess. If you search by the “Games” tags on this site you might find a lot of photos of my ridiculous previous builds lol. Anyway, sometimes I also use The Sims to add characters from other things, give them pets, and see them in bizarre situations. I’ve done a bit of that too this week.

That nostalgia.
The cat sleeping on a sofa blocked me from rebuilding. 
An improved version of the house.
Which still wasted sooooooo much space and didn’t last long. As someone genuinely interested in floorplans I don’t know how I let this happen.
Repping those Halloween colours from an early age.
Generally keeping with a stripes theme with the kid. I would wear this top IRL.
Finally, Young Adult.
Fabulous sea creature robe sadly not available for us Adults.
Computers ahoy.
Weird legs ahoy.
Finally got frustrated and built on the lot next door.
Apparently I’ve got a thing for houses with a sideways entrance, judging by this and my past builds.
Moving house on horseback, because why not. To be honest I think horseback should still be a regular mode of travel. Not that I’m notorious for living in the past or anything.
I do for real miss riding bareback horses.
Miss-clicked when planting.
Horse thinking about that good Bepis. I had real trouble making our Sims look right this time, I somehow made mine look somewhere between Kathryn Hahn and Jessica Chastain.
Some dick took our guitar to the garage at a party.
Why is catch always played in a front garden.
Will was briefly on fire at work.
Look at this tiny babe!
Hopefully I’ll pull off a dress like this when Cushing’s is sorted out.
Couldn’t figure out why the dog stopped going to bed. It was because the cat stole it.
At least I can have a lizard in this game.
I then went on and tried to make Croft Manor from memory. It is clearly full of errors.
I’ve generally done rooms as they are in TR2 (otherwise she’d have no bedroom). Realised afterwards I should have widened the stairs. There’s a lot of dead space.
So much had to be blocked off and unused just to make the room shapes right. I’m probably going to go rogue and add a downstairs toilet at some point.
And here is Lara with her pets, named to mock her past enemies! Dogs Grizzly and Bartoli, cats Puma and Bastet (not an enemy per se but there were plenty of statues of her), and horse Atlantis.
I guess he’s meant to be an Atlantean centaur that she brought home, but you can’t really do that in The Sims, so I made a red horse.
EXTREME sleep. This cat tower is amazing.
Even though it’s not the PS1 she does kind of have pointy nipples.
These gnomes always turning on my TVs!
Horrifying Quality.
Even the lizard gets little Zs!
I don’t know why pets love staring out windows.

I’m gonna go and try some custom content in The Sims 3, assuming I can get it to work (I literally did the same computer science degree as my husband, that’s how we met, and now I get confused by computer folders). I’m going to try not to be so trigger-happy on the screenshot button, but who knows.

In general I’m still trying to get through my stream backlog for YouTube but I am having a garbage time with both illness and disability at the moment.

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