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I try not to talk as much about things that bother me because I’d be doing it all the time if I let myself get started.

But I do have to talk about this.

The continent, land, flora, fauna, people, of Asia have my entire heart. Always have, always will. Asia is part of me and I grew up with Japanese culture. Jews are Asian too, although people don’t often realise this. People think of East and South Asia, they usually don’t think about Asia having a North, Centre, and West. Israel is where West Asia begins. The West Asian/ Near Eastern Wildcat is the ancestor to all domestic cats! Asia is a varied, vibrant place with many peoples and a lot to offer, but people usually do not care to learn anything more than stereotypes about prominent countries.


This wilful ignorance has finally come to a head with a spate of attacks on people of Asian descent living elsewhere.

It fucking hurts. And I feel like I can’t even openly complain about it, because I don’t look the part. I don’t look like I belong or that I know what I’m talking about. People probably couldn’t pick me out as being Asian, so I don’t think much of this will come at me personally from strangers, but all my life people have seen something “off” about my features. People at school would ask me and my sister why we had “chink eyes.” Anything affecting Japan or Israel hits me very hard.

This probably won’t be enough credentials for some people, but I’ll say it anyway. Just fucking leave us alone.

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