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Really just don’t know what’s going on

I am stupidly unwell. My lips look pale in the mirror and I am sleeping so much. I just want to get past it and have some semblance of a normal day until they can sort me out. I think I might be going back into a psychotic episode as well, I straight-up saw some randomer standing at the bottom of the stairs about 20 minutes ago. They disappeared too fast to be a real person, so I’m not worried about that, although it’s pretty creepy anyway and it doesn’t help that the cat keeps craning round to look up the hall where I thought I saw it.

It’s probably overdue, I’ve been under stress the past few months and this is how my stress comes out.

I got conflicting views on Topiramate from other Cushing’s patients in a support group I’m in, but my GP thinks it’ll be fine, and if not I’ll just get taken off it eventually. So at some point she is scheduling to have that contraceptive thing stuck in my arm so I can take it. Maybe I might feel a bit more human in the daytime after that. However, just today I found these comments about Topiramate (Topamax), and the words “hysterical and angry” appear more than once, things I really don’t need.

So yeah I’m just really fucking ill right now and it’s not fucking off yet.

A magnificent beast in Spiritfarer.
Beautiful Joooooooooop.
The tops layers are definitely curling more. This was after being slept on as well.

So I finally got up the hilarious fashla that was the attempt at beating the Asylum.

➡ If you want to see the bit where I died and tried to get a ghost to listen to me, there’s this timestamp.

Thanks again to everyone who shows up to watch live on the weekends. And to everyone who watches VoDs afterwards. And to everyone who watches the edited-down versions on YouTube and puts up with the memes and vines I’ve put all over things.

Not sure if I’ll do a game this weekend as I feel like garbage, I was crashing during the most recent stream and got straight into bed afterwards, then slept for a hideous number of hours.

I don’t really have any other news because I am 90% sleeping.

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