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I’ve had my COVID jab!

Well, the first half of it, anyway. The second dose will come sometime in the next 12 weeks, and even then I won’t be invincible but if the worst happens, it will hopefully hit me a lot less than it otherwise would have done.

I also just got a letter from the DHSC saying I’m at risk of becoming seriously unwell and I’m “clinically extremely vulnerable;” thanks but we’re more than a year into the pandemic! We did get rung about it last year and assumed that was in lieu of a letter but I guess they finally decided to send one.

I guess I don’t feel too different to when I’ve had a ‘flu jab, although my arm is a lot sorer than usual lol! I think it was honestly a bit bigger of a needle. I am also SO tired, it’s like a fatigue attack on steroids (terrible Cushing’s pun, I guess). I have just been sleeping and sleeping and sleeping. Admittedly I do that a lot, but I feel drowsier. Again, not much difference to getting a flu jab.

They didn’t give me a sticker, but maybe they will after the second dose.

Thank you science, and the never-mentioned Israelis who worked their asses off from the start of the pandemic on all these vaccines’ technologies.

I’m still quite tired at the moment in general, I’m hoping I’ll become more alert as it gets sunnier. The pain clinic is closed at the moment so I won’t get new migraine injections for a while unfortunately.

I did have another appointment about my arm nerves though, I thought it was going to be my pre-op assessment but it was actually an orthopaedic appointment where they physically looked at me. Thankfully I didn’t get ill this time! I talked about how I was having problems being woken up at night with horrible arm pain because I’d been moving in my sleep. So the doctor said she was going to make me a splint. I thought that meant coming back 2 or 3 more times and being measured, but to my surprise, she made it right then and there!

Babby Yod looks like he’s wearing a bigoudène with it on!
She gave me lovely purple straps!

It’s actually helped when I’ve been sleeping, I don’t wake up with that horrible electrical burn anymore. Unfortunately my arm still picks random points of the day to play up, I guess only surgery can solve that.

I’m actually meant to wear wrist braces in my sleep too, I used to have a real problem of hyperextending them against my arms in my sleep. They’re so hot and itchy though that I rarely do unless I’ve injured myself. I’m quite a non-compliant patient as things go lol.

Still working on past broadcasts for YouTube. I’ve been in stitches seeing some of the old stuff with Mike and Jodi, I can’t believe I was such an idiot with some of the game mechanics that I understand better now. Slowed down on my editing this week though because my brain is just absolutely not here.

3 vids in the Phasmo playlist at the time of writing. I’ve been working hard on video thumbnails as well!

And this clip on Twitch really made me laugh, you still can’t embed those though.

Realised I should spruce-up my Twitch and actually add panels. Had to get a bit stern about some people I’ve had in chats unfortunately. Might not help though.

Thanks so much to everyone who still shows up for streams, and interacts in a non-weird way.

Saw this, it’s right up my street, very expensive though.

This made me realise I have not been doing a lot of anything lately.

Ooo sheeet.

Joop bending his neck into a U shape.
Gotta do them household Phasmo memes.

A fabulous soda stacker.

Recent hair.

And more hair.

I started scrapbooking again, and then stopped when I got tired.


And speaking of people being weird, please just message me if you want to find something out, instead of clogging up my stats every day because you think it might magically appear here, 

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