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Literally sleeping or gaming

S’up y’all it’s ya girl Letti. There’s not a lot to report because I am mostly tired and sleeping at the moment. Honestly the most exciting things in my life are happening in games of Phasmophobia.

E.g. here’s a time we were hunted thrice in quick succession and I royally shat myself.

An old friend of mine should be joining us this weekend which should be fun, but also daunting because I don’t know how to impart wisdom about this game. (I’m also really confused about how Lyndon got out the door during the third hunt when the door was locked for me??? The endless mysteries of Phasmophobia.)

I am gonna quit drinking for a while because I was UNWELL on Sunday.

A time it snowed. Will loves putting his NFL hat on either of the Baby Yodas.
The cats have been farting a lot lately and they stink.
Got a 2nd pennant to separate enamel badges onto. It defies physics that I ever got them all onto the black one. I get them from Amazon.
Joop is spending a lot of time with his head dunked underwater at the moment. Thankfully snails don’t breathe through their heads.
An interesting sunset that didn’t come out quite so nicely on camera. Freya managed to break her house collar that she got for Christmas a few years ago! Not sure how she did it but suddenly the collar was off and the clip has vanished. I’ve ordered her another house collar but in the mean time, she’s wearing the one put by for my next working dog, because her spare collars aren’t where I thought I’d left them in the pet box.
By putting zero physical effort into getting my hair out the way, I somehow transformed into Bram Stoker’s Dracula.
Hangover hair.
My hair is generally doing quite well but the top, front layers are still quite flat. Also I’m kind of dressed like my Phasmophobia character here lol.

Questionable Phasmophobia moments.

And finally, due to having nothing else to make a Photoshop collage of and not having the mental fortitude to start physically scrapbooking again, I went back to GEDmatch and printscreened ethnicity results together in an image. It’s not really readable but I feel like I did something with my brain for a moment. Unfortunately my injections have worn off already so I’m sleeping a lot and generally feeling rubbish. 

I didn’t include the percentages because not only would it have made each column twice as wide and even less readable when made the same size, I also don’t want to start a row with a certain family member who is easily set off about which DNA may have come from a rival family member.

And some of them are a bit repetitive because you’re running different tests on different parts of the sample and there’s some overlap.

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