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More boards

Finally did the Hallways one. I have a great love for sconces but they would probably be costly to add into the electric circuit.

We’d only need a shed if the house we bought didn’t come with a garage, probably. I’m quite determined to have a purple fence! And I suppose the fence is something we’ll be able to paint straight away, whereas you’re meant to let the inside walls of a new build “dry out” for about a year before you paint.

Rearranged the game room one so it looks a bit better.

The top two colour palettes on the right are from areas of TR2 that Will really liked the colours of. The bottom one was my original conception for a game room but I’m not sure how I feel about it. I did another version of the game board with the blue from his preferred palette, but I’m not sure it goes as well with the theme of the room as the greeny colour does.

Anyone have any design ideas? While I fancy myself as a very amateur interior decorator, it turns out I have very different taste in colours and accessories to most people I talk to and I’m sure there’s a trick I’m missing.

I do like the grand peacock wallpaper as an accent wall and I want to do some of that wall panelling stuff with some damask, although having said that the only panel I can find of the kind I’m looking for is this one which is £35 for some reason.

You’d think B&Q would do some thin wooden ones that you can paint yourself but I can’t find them.

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