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Just some design boards

The living room. I plan on doing a spray-paint job on our existing Lack tables.
An idea for an eventual sofa.
Something doesn’t spark joy about this Game Room board and I’m not sure what it is.

Unless a small fortune falls in our lap we are likely to be buying a Shared Ownership house. These houses have to be newbuilds at new developments. New builds are a bit on the small side, so it’s likely the game room would end up being a bedroom, and combined with the guest room. I haven’t included the pool table in this board because, due to aforementioned space issues, the table may end up having to go in lounge or anywhere else it may fit, separate to other game stuff, but I am determined to fit it somewhere.

Bathroom/ WC/ en suite. I also intend to spray some white plastic shelving to blue.

A compromise Will and me have reached with regard to colours is having an “accent wall” in the dark, jewelley-tone colour I like, and then the rest of the walls in the room being a lighter related colour.

Kitchen & Dining area.
Master bedroom. We already have the perfect bed!
Baby room ideas.

I haven’t done a Hallways one yet, and it would have made more sense to bang it out before I made this post, but I didn’t. There needs to be something like Polyvore was for clothes, but for furniture and paint samples, so it’s not such a pain in the ass to remove the backgrounds from things.

If you want to see other ideas I’ve had you can see my Pinterest (linked in the sidebar) and look at boards with the same room names.

P.S. Happy New Year y’all.

P.P.S. If you want to know something can you just ask me a question like a normal person instead of refreshing my website several times a day.

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