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Merry Christmas y’all

Just a couple of the gorgeous things I received.
A Christmas Joop.
One of my two Baby Yodas/ Grogus! I also got a completely soft one who is ideal for living with the sofa cushions. Sorry about the horrendous pigmentation on my face but it turns out Cushing’s Disease exists and it sucks balls. This one lives in bed now. Lovely presents from Jodi and Lyndon! Thought charging a Juul sideways wouldn’t work but apparently it does.

Well 2020 has definitely sucked balls. Worldwide viral pandemic that makes people drown in their own blood. Not being able to see anyone for months at a time. Having to move house because our landlords (who bought their house in California for two fucking million dollars) decided to deny all knowledge of our house being a pet-friendly let, despite the previous tenants having a dog we saw with our own eyes, and the neighbours telling us about the woman before them who let her dogs bark in the garden all day.
I lost someone I loved and I don’t know what to do with all those memories now. My sister is still without her own house keys because she left them here at Will’s birthday and hasn’t been able to get back. My MIL has tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 (probably because of her work in healthcare) and so has been mostly stuck on the 3rd floor throughout Christmas, and we all can’t leave the house until New Year’s Day just in case. Thankfully she seems to be doing OK aside from normal cold symptoms.

Some things were good this year. I think Will and me both had the best possible birthdays. Christmas is as festive as it can be. I’ve been knitting and crocheting for a year now. Even though work from my agency was suspended until 2021 at the first lockdown and will have now been pushed back even further, I started streaming and that at least makes me feel like I’m doing something and connecting with people.
And, we figured out which devastating medical problem has been plaguing me for +10 years, though unfortunately referrals are slow and it has to prove itself through testing ten times over before the NHS will do the lifesaving surgery. You’d think they’d just cut out the middleman and go for it, but apparently not.

Friends on DVD for Xmas! I haven’t watched it in a long time actually because it reminds me of someone horrible now, but maybe I should reclaim it.
Went back and looked at my Spotify Wrapped because there wasn’t as much interesting info in the image they give you at the end this year. Maybe genres are getting a bit narrow if I managed to hear 167 of them. Ooooo sheeeeet. New cable storage system is pleasing although it’s a shame plugs don’t fit in the cases. Medical problems are so exhausting I am so done. But labelling is great. 8th night. Why are earthworms always going to the drainage layer. Can’t believe I managed to make this neat little envelope. It would be nice if you could actually read the genres I guess.

Dogs Bower!
Hella lost in the pit of dead visitors. Done a spook.

And unfortunately there’s always someone who needs telling every fucking year:

Literally wouldn’t have my prescription without Israel.

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