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It’s almost Christmas!

Recent streams

Illbleed level 2, with a giant worm and some hilarious fake movie billboards, and half of level 3, where we get encased inside a wooden mannequin and hunted by lumberjacks. There’s also a machine skinning people before turning them into wooden men ?.

The rest of Illbleed level 3, and the whole of level 4, going through the Killer Department Store. Aside from there being loads of cool stuff in there we also see the Cake from Hell, Fall Down Bear, and a hideous stabby doll called Cuty Mary (pronounced “Marie” because why the fuck not).

I would say Mary’s appearance might have inspired the Annabelle doll in the Conjuring series, but Illbleed is such a rare game that it seems unlikely.

And finally, here’s a Phasmophobia session with Jodi and my sister-in-law. I died twice and screamed a lot! Mike wasn’t available at the time and I struggled without his guidance but it certainly wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Dying on the stairs was so absolutely freaky, I saw the ghost pass me on the stairs, so I thought he would ignore me, but then he somehow killed me from behind anyway with the hands-over-face thing.

General stuff

Slim Christmas tree from storage. It fits but it does mean the bins have been moved to an inconvenient place.
חנוכה שמח ??? 
Did a big tank clean and updated this label.
Woodlice using an earthworm as a ladder to escape from their temporary tub!
Big boy Joop.
My brain is starting to wake up a bit since my injections but unfortunately not fully. Made this one already, but I suppose it was just a sheet of plastic.
A very thick curl. They tend to end up like this if I use too much conditioner or moisture. But too little or too much moisture also leads to totally flat hair so ????? A Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera). I was very scared. Me looking at my own body. An error. His name sounds good in your ear, but when you say it, you mustn’t fear, ‘cos his name can be said, by anyone! I don’t know why this tickles me so much. Thanks to everyone still supporting me by watching streams and VODs ❤️. I have a great love for this dude.
Having a fight with some meat.
Will aced this bit and pre-empted me having a huge stress fit about it!

I can’t believe it’s Christmas again already when it feels like we only just had it. Money is tight as hell after moving twice and trying to save a house deposit, so I think a lot of people are only going to get one thing from me, which kind of sucks because if somebody doesn’t get you anything/very much then you kind of feel like they don’t appreciate you and that’s not the impression I want to give. I just, have no money.

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