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The meat has teeth!

I am 31! I was both in lockdown and isolating after a Covid test on my birthday, so I did a lot of streaming. Not only Illbleed, which it was amazing to reconnect with after so long, but also Phasmophobia with Mike! I’ve been wanting to try it for a while after being spooked by other people’s streams, and being in charge of a character is so much spookier!

Clips are here, including such hits as “The meat has teeth,” “Where’s the doorway,” “Threw the EMF reader,” and “C to crouch.”
(This is a time-sensitive link though, it does it by date so in a few days it’ll show completely different stuff).

I really, sincerely recommend checking out the intro to Illbleed (should start 11mins 46secs in) because it is such a rare and wonderful game. It’s such a shame that nothing further will come of it (I can’t believe it’s already been 20 years) because the creator died and companies don’t exist anymore.

I did save part of that stream as a Highlight on my channel for when the original stream eventually expires, but I didn’t save the whole thing.

Streaming has pros and cons really. People who are there with you live get to influence the game and interact and laugh with you in real time. The downside is that, if you are stuck repeating a bit (either because of “two shots of vodka” or you just can’t figure it out) they can’t skip ahead to the bit where you finally get past, they just have to wait.

People who are watching the Video-on-Demand back later, they can scroll ahead if you are stuck. They don’t have to repeat bits if you die. But, they miss out on that live interaction and any input they have can’t affect the stream, because it’s already happened. Plus, with the VOD they are potentially sitting down to watch/cast something that’s the length of a film. And there might be more than one of them! So it’s definitely a double-edged sword.

Once again the editor is getting iffy about captions but in summary, Bertie was pissed because we had to give him a wash, we tidied up the kitchen, Joop is still a doofus, I got my injections again, and so forth.

Horse alert is perhaps a bit too massive in the corner! But at least we customised something.
This is the only fully-formed ghost I saw in front of me in Phasmophobia, though there was plenty of other spooky shit. Mike saw a demon just strolling up behind me!
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