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Happy Halloween y’all

We just had our 2nd wedding anniversary and annual Halloween extravaganza. I am definitely getting old though because I had to go to sleep twice. Maybe I just have to accept that Halloween needs to become chill instead of an energy-packed marathon, because I lack that energy despite how much Halloween fuels me.

As it’s our wedding anniversary, we of course gave each other presents. I couldn’t get anything as grand as a pool table for Will this year because we are renting a very pokey house for the time being. I am determined to buy a house with space for it to have a permanent home though.

My husband blessed me with an electronic label maker this year! I’ve been ready for one for a while and I immediately went mad with it. So much so that I used up all the tape! Anything that can have a label stuck to it, I have pretty much stuck a label on. This sort of thing gives me a feeling I can only describe as a brain orgasm.

Sadly we were very under-decorated for Halloween this year for reasons I previously explained. I was a bit worried about our lack of pumpkins and other face-having lanterns facing outwards and deterring the spookier things. But at least when we own our house I can go as mad as I want.

One of my presents for Will was a video compilation of some of our fun moments from streaming together. It’s mostly TR1 because that was when everything was new to him and he had the most to say about it. He definitely laughed a lot so I hope I made him happy.

I am so lucky to have my husband. I knew very early on that he was my soulmate. It seemed strange to know so soon but we both did. I waited my whole life for someone so kind and patient and thoughtful. I fell madly in love with him, and am still madly in love with him. He makes me laugh. We have in-jokes I don’t have with anyone else. There are things about me that only he understands, things that only he knows. We are opposites in some regards and he’s not as tidy as I’d like, but I couldn’t live without him and I know I have to spend the rest of my life with him.

Happy Halloween y’all.



Such a magical feeling.
Time-tested Halloween playlist.
I dunno why Snapchat let me have Cyrillic Halloween stickers but I definitely enjoyed it. I also love that “mood” backwards is “doom.”

If a notepad has holes in it you can clip the bit of paper to keys. Will tear eventually though.

New lockdown which doesn’t really change how things are at the moment anyway. I think it’s just gonna be like this for 2 years.

And I can’t remember if I posted this thing from a while ago that made me laugh unreasonably.


I love this song right now. Perhaps because it reminds me of the Soul Reaver soundtrack a bit.

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