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Pouches and keys

I could no longer resist the urge to sort out my purse and organise things into pouches. I did try this briefly in the past but became disenchanted with the way I did it, and eventually wound up with a bunch of loose stuff in the bottom of my bag again.

I decided to try again though, as my bag needed dusting and clearing out anyway.

So here’s what I’ve got:

Bottom right: Cords, chargers, power bank (the big turquoise pineapple), torch, misc. tech.
Bottom left: Basic medical and emergency; plasters, painkillers, safety pins, hair ties/pins.
Top left: Feminine hygiene; Bodyform tins, wipes and tissues, Femfresh.
Top right: Glasses case, lens wipes, would fit sunglasses etc.

They fit nicely and tidily into this bag. This is my big day-out bag (a Mia Tui Mini Jen), if I wanted to take a different bag or small purse I could take only one pouch or take particular things out of pouches temporarily. It depends where you’re going, what you’re doing, and what you might need.

Mia Tui bags have a key clip on elastic so they’re easy to find. On the default clip I have a photo keyring of Freya, followed by an S-biner, and then my RADAR key. I can clip my main keys to that too.

My Nite Ize bottle-opener keyrack is at the top, with a memento bottle cap that’s from a night important to Kadek and me. The clips from the rack are in use around the house, and let me clip individual keys on and off the main keys as needed.

Going down clockwise:

  • Mini loyalty cards, I recently had the urge to take some off my wallet and put them back on my keys.

  • Retro keyring of Djali from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

  • Trolley coin from the British Hen Welfare Trust. This used to be on my wallet too, but since my wallet is kept a couple of layers into my bag, it was more of a pain in the ass to reach for it for just a split second.

  • Piece of kassam missile that was fired into Israel, now shaped and with “The Jews live” written on it. The blue stone marking Sderot fell off a while ago.

  • A 3D-printed keyring of my nickname, because for some reason, when people saw my keys on the rack in the last house they were like “whose keys are these??”

  • A PlayStation keyring that was a gift from my mother-in-law.

  • An actual house key.

  • A Slice gadget because I’ve been losing some hand function and struggling with packaging etc. It’s reasonably impossible to have an accident with the ceramic blade. There’s a similar Stanley one too.

  • A StoryTeller Flag for Israel with a description of our trip on the back, Kadek has a matching one. We’ll get more when we go to more places!

 These are far from being the only keyrings I have! I use them as zip-pullers on bags and coats, on alarm fobs, wardrobe knobs etc. I love a good keyring.

Big laptop oof. It always looks so much more dustier in photos but I really do clean it.

And finally here’s lovely Joop!


Before I forget entirely, here are the pouches I used to organise things, they also have several other applications around the house.

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