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Having a ‘mare

I am having a right ‘mare with technology right now. My laptop is slowly breaking before my eyes; for the most part it seems to be that some of the hinge has come out on one side, this is in turn pulling on the corner of the screen and today it finally cracked. The cracks are ignorable enough, but obviously I’m worried that the screen will stop functioning at some point.

To me, it’s obvious that my laptop was either knocked off my little desk or outright dropped by somebody. There’s just no way the kind of damage I’ve got didn’t happen from an impact. I just wish people would tell me what happened. It was probably an accident when a dog was running around shaking their butt everywhere, but I still should have been told, if I knew exactly when it happened I might’ve been able to get the damage looked at sooner.

A bit of plastic in front of the hinge split before my very eyes tonight! And the way it’s attached means it pulls the screen off a bit more every time it does.

I only got this laptop last year, it should not already be doing this. I can’t afford to replace it so soon. And frankly, I don’t want to. I didn’t get around to putting keyboard language stickers on this one but I did decorate the back of the laptop a lot.

A local place has already refused to fix it because they looked up the serial number and apparently the parts are too rare. The annoying thing is I don’t need any replacement parts at the moment, I just need somebody to properly put the fucking hinge back together. I can live with a cracked screen. But the longer I leave it the worse it’s going to get.

I can’t close the laptop because I damage it more each time. It’s been sitting open recently while we’ve been trying to get somebody to fix it. The only time I can risk shutting it is when it’s definitely being taken in for repair.

When it is repaired, I’m going to get a padded laptop sleeve and put it in that every night, because apparently someone gives zero shits about knocking it off.

And in related news, something I definitely have dropped is my phone, a lot. Even with my trusty Popsocket I sometimes send it flying. I can’t help but notice that all my photos are blurry as fuck recently. Like everybody I wait for the camera to focus before taking the picture, but then when I see some of them after uploading, I’m like, oof.

I think I’ve dropped it enough that I’m just not going to get good focus anymore. It’s not like I’m a photographer or anything but taking photos of random shite in my life for the internet is kind of all I have going on.

I also had a personal malfunction today. Had a warm bath to soothe my joints. Got some gorgeous Dead Sea Collection stuff from Home Bargains, which smells amazing (especially the coconut handwash), and even though I knew it would make me POTSy, I decided to treat myself to a bath. I always forget exactly how bad it feels at the end though, and today I wound up with a throbbing head that wouldn’t fuck off, palpitations, and plenty of leaning over a sick bag. It was a bit like having a migraine except it was caused by sitting in warm water ?.

Of course now that it’s a stupid time in the morning I am feeling much more alert.

I really want to get some of my sewing pile done tomorrow, which involves being upright in the daytime. And I need to catch up with my crochet and actually finish my giant square bed blanket now that cooler weather is actually here.

And on Sunday I have to stream more TR3 and it would be nice if this week I could string a sentence together in front of people.

I’m thinking about Halloween a lot because it’s alarmingly close. I’ve thought of a couple of movies we could watch if we can have a small group over, but I suppose we won’t know what’s possible this year until it’s almost upon us.

Sadly there won’t be a lot going on in terms of decorating. Even if there wasn’t a pandemic on, we’d have to go to the storage unit, dig out our decorations, put them up for really not very long and then take them all back again because this house is tiny, I never thought I’d say this but it’s not worth the effort.

I also don’t think I’ll dress up much this year because I’m just tired.

Speaking of holidays, please drop me your Amazon wishlists friends, I hate making panicked guesses about what to get you at Christmas.

In other news again, I can’t help but notice the sheer lack of woke™️ posturing on Nagorno Karabakh. You know why nobody knows which side to choose? There are no Jews. We have a saying about other world conflicts: “No Jews, no news.” Nothing else in the world attracts the venom, lies, and calls for annihilation that Israel’s existence and defence does. People cannot tell you a single fucking thing about other “disputed territories”.

I bring up Nagorno Karabakh a lot when someone is raging at me about my people’s homeland. I ask which side they are on for that, who does that land belong to. People look at me like I’ve suddenly grown an extra head. You know why? There’s no Jewish majority to make the decision easy for them.

If you ask who is right between Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, India and Nepal, China and Malaysia, the Republic of China vs the People’s Republic of China, Malaysia and Brunei, Croatia and Montenegro, Colombia and Jamaica, or any of these hundreds of other border conflicts and territorial disputes, people will look at you like you’ve got two heads, because they have no fucking idea.

If you stop someone in the street and ask them who these various territories rightfully belong to, they probably won’t even believe that half of them are real places. But mention Israel, and they will erupt into a raging monologue of preformed opinions, despite not actually knowing anything.

And if you think that’s not about Israel being a Jewish country, you’re being an idiot.

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