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Annual hibernation time

S’up y’all it’s me and I’m still tired from Will’s birthday somehow.

The change of season might have a lot to do with it. In the click of a finger it goes from lightheadedness in hot temperatures to aches and tiredness because it got slightly colder. It’s not even that cold yet but it’s really hit me.

Not a lot going on day to day really, had an unavoidable GP appointment but they were really strict about infection control and stuff. The sheer number of fucking crane flies in the street though.

So, in short, I’m tired but I wish I wasn’t tired, I wish I was cleaning things and having good brain thoughts, and also that I was concentrating on losing weight since having nothing going on for ages is a good time to do it, really.

There was a huge error in Tomb Raider 3 where the 2nd level of India had no texture, went pink and had some very digital piranhas.

I honestly love our bed.

I really want to get through my sewing pile. That energy tho.

I dunno why you can’t just have a list of single images with captions underneath them anymore, and when you add a gallery it’s gotta be complicated and different every time, and you can’t see the captions unless you click on things, WordPress gonna WordPress.


Brought the Yucca in from the cold. Found a picture of when we brought it home and it only had two leaves, so it’s doing really well!
The sky.
Will drew Freya and Charlie on my toast.
Something about this name is just so cheerful to me.
Found this box labelled “Men’s Shoes” in the freezer at Tesco.
I should not be so pleased by the sight of so many shiny cans, but I am. Pepsi Max 4 lyfe.
Not sure how I manage to have an angle this nice.


I’m inching into my Halloween mood, not sure what we can do for it this year. Would be nice to have a few people over for a film, especially as it’s a Saturday AND it’s our 2nd wedding anniversary, but who knows what will happen especially with lockdown probably having to get worse.


My brain is really ready for being a homeowner, having children, completely settling down and getting on with life. My body, however, is going into hibernation mode because it got slightly chillier outside.

I suppose the good thing about having visitors is that you get this rush of adrenaline and anxiety to make sure your house is acceptable. But when there’s nothing on the horizon for a while, my body gives up on me. Having a visitor every 14 days might be the perfect recipe for keeping my house presentable. Every 7 days is a bit too intense. I am sleepy. And obviously there’s a pandemic on so we won’t actually be seeing anybody any time soon. I’m rambling now.




Don’t get me started on the things that even established outlets are saying about the BIBLICAL CITY OF DAVID. You couldn’t make it up.

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