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It’s curtains for cat pee

So, firstly, I hate this fucking “Block Editor” from WordPress that is now mandatory to use. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it! I’m not the only one from the looks of things, and I might have to investigate a plugin to get around it, it just all around sucks balls.

My main news is about a Kallax unit. I can’t remember if I ever really talked about the little one we had in the hallway. There’s not a lot of room in this narrow house so the only place we could put it was at the top of the stairs. It was home to the boxes for first aid stuff, pet stuff, general misc and drawers with different misc/junk drawer/ utility drawer things. And the change-sorter on top of it in an incredibly painstaking attempt to add more to our savings account.

Anyway, a certain Mr Bertie loved to spray all over the Kallax because he was apparently encouraged to spray by another cat when he was younger. Aside from causing a very nostril-assaulting smell, the unit started peeling apart because it’s really not meant to get wet (our nice 5×5 unit was lost at the last house when the garage flooded because the letting agents had never unblocked the drains).

We discovered the joy of Mad Lemon but this couldn’t save the Kallax and we had to get rid of it.

We finally got a new one, which I’m hoping he won’t spray on because it doesn’t already have the scent, but just in case I sewed a curtain out of some lovely cat fabric! I just put it on a £1 Ikea curtain rod held up by white hooks. If he does pee on it, I can just put it in the wash, and the boxes (and somehow, the stuff inside them?!) won’t get COVERED in cat pee. I sincerely love Bertie but I have been put off having male cats.

Below are a series of photos that I can’t seem to add captions too without totally screwing up the formatting of this STUPID BLOCK EDITOR.

In summary they are:

The curtain and Bertie jumping all over the unit as soon as I finished sewing.
My road trip frappe.
All the sewing I still have to sort out ?.
A chocolate bar I bought not only because it was white chocolate but because it’s name looks like “belonging.”
A fucking T. gigantea I was way too close to while cleaning the chest. Get your vacuum hose in your house’s crevices people, don’t give them undisturbed places to nest, they will fight you.
Lots of pet spam.
Tight curls appearing but as usual only on the underneath layer of my hair.
A weird thing Pinterest has started doing with things saved from Reddit; I saved some wallpaper from a Chicken thread but now the title has changed to a totally different one from an AITA thread?
A mad pelican storage basket. I kind of love it.
Some moments from TR2. I have to fight a dragon at 3pm ?.

Other than that I don’t want to go into too much detail, but recently I’ve been feeling like a mental health condition may have been misdiagnosed all along.

It sounds daft but I was watching Rookie Blue one night and they mentioned something, which even I’ve got a bit of stigma about, and I looked it up for more info. Kind of thought, huh, that kind of sounds like what I’ve got going on, but then put it to the back of my mind because looking up health conditions on the internet is a recipe for disaster.

Then a few night later we were watching Law & Order, and they said something about it. And then I said to myself “ah, shit.”

I’m kind of terrified that this may have been my problem all along and nobody realised. It would mean that Fluoxetine was almost entirely ineffective without one or two other drugs. Which might explain why I still struggle so much when fully medicated.

I’m worried about how much better my life could have been going if someone realised it was my problem and gave me the right treatment all this time. I’m not going to diagnose myself like a dickhead but I definitely need to talk to a doctor.

They might decide not to do anything and I’ll have to trust that, but I’m worried in the mean time.

And in the illness world there is more frustrating shit going on. A notorious cunt is apparently being interviewed about her “illnesses” by the media, which is just going to lead to a whole world of shit for actual disabled people.

So many overlapping diagnoses are so common for these people and they must know it makes no sense.

I don’t know enough about the mycobacteria thing but judging by the rest of her shit I doubt it’s true.

Visceroptosis seems like a weird thing to get a separate diagnosis for; Ehlers-Danlos causes lots of muscle and organ issues, so if she already had this diagnosis it would surely be counted as a symptom of the wider syndrome and not a separate illness?

P-TS is another weird one when its symptoms should surely be covered by the EDS diagnosis (if it existed).

Angioedema would definitely be covered by MCAS if not another weird Dysautonomia reaction (she claims POTS which is one kind of Dysautonomia).

Lyme disease . . . . yeah ok.

I’m not a Lupus expert but a quick Googling summarises “Symptoms of lupus include joint pain, extreme tiredness and a rash on your face.” OK, all of that is already covered by the Ehlers-Danlos, POTS, MCAS, and the CFS mentioned further down if the tiredness attacks are different from EDS fatigue.
“Lupus is caused by your immune system mistakenly attacking healthy parts of your body. It’s not fully understood why this happens.” Again, this happens with the conditions I just mentioned. So why would she receive a separate diagnosis of Lupus?

Hypothyroidism I do know something about because my sister was born without a thyroid gland and has needed daily medication all her life. “feeling tired all the time, gaining weight and being sensitive to cold.” So if the person above has this, EDS would not have been given as a diagnosis for joint pain etc, neither would any of the Dysautonomias for sensitivities. 

I am genuinely surprised that she has not listed the common Wastebasket Diagnosis of Fibromyalgia as well, but maybe she has spent enough time on the internet to have seen all the backlash about it.


Maybe you think I shouldn’t care so much about a stranger wasting her life playing sick and getting unnecessary surgeries she’ll eventually die from, but she and people like her are fucking shit up for the rest of us. 

I’ve never received an effective painkiller for my joints and tissues. The only times I’ve been prescribed cocodamol are when a piercing got infected and when I had wisdom tooth issues. I can’t take cocodamol in particular really now anyway but it’s just an example of an actual working painkiller.

The relief on it was pretty amazing and I could actually get restful sleep, and I was only taking it for my ear! But for normal life I have to go without that kind of respite because every GP I’ve ever had has had so much stigma about painkillers, because of people like this bitch above. And I’m pretty fucking pissed about it.

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