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A needly reunion

It’s been almost a week already since I had my coronavirus test. It was one of those drive-into-a-tent dealies where people in protective gear have you roll down the window. And then they stick a fucking 6-inch cotton bud up your nose and give it a bit of a spin when they can’t go any further. And they do it in BOTH nostrils. It felt like they went behind my eyeballs even though I know that’s not possible. I do not recommend it unless you can’t avoid getting it done.

Of course my test came back negative so I was allowed to proceed with getting my migraine botox again. Things were even more confusing due to the pandemic and there was weird parking followed by being led to the wrong place 3 times by a member of library staff who was just as confused as we were about which bits were open or not. Eventually we found other humans but it turns out we were still in the wrong place, although a doctor agreed to take me through to the correct bit. Then I just had to sit on the ward and wait a couple of hours until they were ready for me.


I didn’t bring my hearing aids because they don’t hang on so good with mask straps behind my ears, but I didn’t take into account that everyone having masks on would mean it was ever so slightly harder to hear them. Pretty sure I blanked some people for a while before I realised they were talking to me.


They blotted up a lot of the blood so you can’t really see where I got jabbed.

It all went normal at first in the little operating theatre; as usual I forgot how much it actually hurt until they started on my forehead. Apparently I was bleeding a lot and they’ve worked out it’s always redheads who do this. So then they did the sides and back of my head as usual, then went down my neck and my shoulders. I was sitting there expecting to be released any second.

Suddenly I felt a bit funny. I guess the closest description is an unpleasant combination of sick and dizzy. Next thing I know the doctor was saying “you’ve had a faint, get up on the bed” and I was like ??????

Normally I’m definitely aware that I’ve clonked out. I feel the unpleasant feeling, I’m aware that I am waking up in a somewhat different position (e.g. on the floor), I feel freakily tired or there’s just some other obvious indicator that I flopped over. But this time I genuinely don’t think I realised and it was really weird!

They put that little clip on my finger and tried getting a blood pressure reading for a while although I’m often difficult to get one from especially at times like that. The doctor said they weren’t going to inject me in my wheelchair again because he didn’t want to risk the same thing happening.

I had to go through to the recovery ward for a while and another man couldn’t get a reading from me, in the end he had to put the cuff on my calf. Which I would have thought was a lot less sensitive than my poor arm, but I was wrong. Having a blood pressure cuff on your leg hurts and I do not recommend it. Eventually I went back to my main ward where I had about 50 glasses of water before they let me go.


I’m not sure why it happened, I can only guess it’s because I didn’t have the injections done since the pandemic started, and so Dysautonomia was like THIS IS A PROBLEM BETTER LIE DOWN.


Now I’m just waiting for the jabs to take effect (one eyebrow is already going a bit wonky) and for my constant background headache to disappear. It’s slowly happening although I feel like my brain isn’t actually in my skull waiting for me.


Earlier this week we found a hard lump in my breast and I’m kind of just sitting on it. It’s not a good time to go to the doctor. I’ve had problems with proliferative breast tissue before but that was mostly towards my armpit. I’m not really sure what to think and maybe I wouldn’t think too much of it if I hadn’t been having numbness issues in my hand for a few weeks now, maybe even a month I’m not sure.

It started just being the outer edge of one little finger that was constantly tingling or going numb. Now it’s the whole finger and I’m worried it’s spreading. It’s not so much a complete loss of feeling in the finger and I can still move it, but it’s definitely wrong. So in the same week that my finger/hand gets noticeably worse, we find a lump in my tit. (And also I got stabbed up the nose and all over my head.) It seems unrelated but now I’m thinking maybe I’m growing lumps on my nerves or something. I don’t know. I do think I need to see my GP but I also don’t want to catch a horrible virus.


We put Winston in the freezer.

And here is some spam of Bertie from when we’ve been tidying our room.

He loves Will’s chair.
Trying to sit inside some tiny baskets inside a bigger basket. When I took the smaller baskets out to make him more comfortable he wasn’t interested.


Then I thought we had some random packing peanuts under the wardrobe until I realised it was Bertie’s feet.
And then he went for a walk on the banister for undetermined reasons.
At least we’ll be able to put our rug on the floor now that we’ve cleared space. 
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