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We need air conditioners

Freya had some sort of cerebral event recently. I’ll paste what I said to Kadek at the time because it pretty much covers the whole thing.

“Vet says it’s not worth worrying about but that’s mainly because they can’t tell us anything about it unless we get an episode on video. I cried all night though.

For years she’s been having ones where it’s like her nervous system just disconnects for a split second, she falls on her own legs but then gets up like she doesn’t know what happened.

This time she was actively trying to get up for a few minutes, but her legs wouldn’t work and she was yelping, and her eyes, both the balls and the eyebrow muscles and stuff, were just rapidly zigzagging all over the place so the brain was definitely doing something. After a few minutes it stopped and we gave her water but most of it just fell out her mouth. And then she was normal again.”

I wish vets routinely scanned animals because it’s impossible to tell what’s going on otherwise.


In other medical news, my Botox injections for migraines are starting back up again! I am so excited to get some relief and MENTAL CLARITY!

However, the bad news is . . . I need to have a coronavirus test before I can go into the hospital. Which makes perfect sense, but, I looked up how it’s done, and I am not happy about these images:



I mean Jesus Christ.


We’re having another heatwave around here. I guess English summers just naturally end up in the mid-20s to low 30s (Celsius) now. Remember when I thought an average 28 day in Israel was ridiculous!

Freya enjoying some evening breeze.
We went down to Calshot beach one evening. It’s not a very accessible place so I had to keep sitting on a garden chair as I went along.
There was a nice breeze though, not many other people around and they kept their distance.


tr2 twitch
This week we’re doing everyone’s favourite, Tomb Raider 2!
Delightfully hideous screensaver/ intermission screen.
Been having some diastolic dips no doubt not helped by the heat. I know people think they’re being helpful by telling me I’m on the low end of normal or that having low blood pressure is good, but there’s a reason I had to see a hospital consultant for years, there’s a reason I faint when I’m stood up, there’s a reason it makes me feel terrible.
The garden is quite lively at the moment.


Filofax cover doesn’t accommodate stickers like my last journal does.
So I used the inside page so I could still put the stickers from Kadek on it.
Decided to start keeping related stickers together with tiny binder clips, makes it much less frustrating to search for a sheet.
Put washi tape over my bedside organisers so they’re a bit more interesting.
I live for this houmous. Although I don’t know why we spell it “houmous” in the UK because it makes me say it as “hooooo-moooose” in my head.
Will drew Freya on my toast.
I’m intrigued by this seal I see on storage units.
Finally tracked down my 70% isopropyl spray for disinfecting makeup.
My sister recently bought me a magnetic palette so I can extract shadows I like and declutter some of the other ones she gave me. Some of them weren’t as magnetic as others which is weird.
I made a terrible mess.
It was recently my brother-in-law’s 19th birthday!
Here is my nice bit of cake.
A nice cool dinner we had on a boiling day.

And here’s some pet spam:



I made a comparison of some alphabets because I was thinking about it. I’m still second-guessing myself over some of them and there are disputes about some letters being equivalents. Some I had to decide for myself because they haven’t been compared like this before that I could find. I know I went a bit wonky in places but it took me hours and I think it’s fine.

alphabets comparison
I honestly love alphabets.

Please note these do not show every letter in each alphabet necessarily, just ones comparable to previous letters in the chart on the same line.


I also made some more render concepts for a house that hasn’t been built yet, complete with some gaudy overlays.

Bedroom render 11
The orange curtains currently in the lounge would go really nicely with the bedroom scheme I think, although Bertie likes to pee on them.
Bedroom render 12
Everything fits better when I make use of a built-in cupboard and stop stubbornly trying to fit a 2nd Pax wardrobe in. We could still hypothetically put Pax accessories like Komplement pull-out hooks into a built-in wardrobe.
lounge render version with small electric fireplace(1)
Version of lounge with added small fireplace.




It was recently Tisha B’Av.


And of course when Israel has to directly bomb the rocket launchers, just like in Gaza, we will be accused of aiming for hospitals and schools, because that’s where they consciously put them.



Weird how Hezbollah threatened to cause the exact same kind of explosion in Israel as just happened in Lebanon. Would Hezbollah hurt their own people of either deliberately or through negligence? Yes they fucking would. Why has the world only now suddenly jumped on the bandwagon of Hezbollah being garbage when years of terrorism against Israel didn’t make them feel that way? No fucking idea, but it’s standard.




Fuck terrorists. Jews are from Judea.



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